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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

runny noses runny noses runny noses, baby (to the tune of "womanizer")

so...the erma bombeck award of the morning goes to moi...

woke up 4:00 am...brought the babies down at 4:23.

the vaporizer i used to fix myself has loosened up the mucus of the babies. yay.

these are actully times when i LIKE being a mother.
weird, huh?

on a normal tuesday when nothing is wrong, i sit and think dreadful thoughts of hubris and doom.


anyhoosies...i wish i could convey the beauty of being the healer of my children (with copious assistance from their lovely, ironclad immune systems)...
and i wish anyone cared to read it...

that said...it is 5 am and the world is my oyster :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

corporate homicide....(and sooo sooo sooo much more!)

***********click on it to read it******************

hot young purity ball action!

i DEFY you to find me any other video on earth creepier than this!
link or send videos in comments!

Friday, December 26, 2008

this is not the greatest most revealing writing i have done in a long time...this is just a survey

****brownie points to anyone who can sing that in tune***** (anyone?)
Where were you an hour ago?
praying to the gods to die from this dry head stuff

Who will be your next kiss?
probably jonathan or fred or bella or bastian...its up in the air...fred's awake, so i will go with fred

Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?

When is the last time you went to the mall?
nah...ummm...there were halloween decorations up, i know that

Wearing socks right now?

When was the last time you went out of the state?
drove to ohio march 2007 from colorado

Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?
of course not

What was the last thing you had to drink?
hot chocolate

What are you wearing right now?
jama pants, fancy pink shirt, socks

Have you been in a car wash?
not recently

Last food you ate?
probably buckeyes

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
grandma mae

Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
bella's xmas dress
(silk bloomers)

Do you have a pet?
human children

What's the last sporting event you watched?

What does you last text say?
not applicable
(thats not what it says...i dont have one)

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
sleeping on a moist cloud able to breathe and speak

What is the last thing you purchased online?
most of xmas

Do you miss anyone?
more than likely

Last play you saw?
alice in wonderland

What are your plans for the day?
hopefully survive, but i dunno, thats a long shot...

Who is the last person you commented on myspace?

Ever go to camp?
church camp
girl scout camp
band camp

Were you an honor roll student in school?
not that i know of
i was, just not recognized as such because of my atrocious grades

What do you know about the future?
that it's coming...whoops there it went...that it is on its... dammit

What time is it now?

Where is your best friend located?
probably bed, but i dunno, she could be sitting around angst ridden like me, wouldnt be surprised

Do you have a tan?
not as much as i used to when i was younger

How old do you want to be when you have kids?
older than this...i am not mature or mentally stable enough for children. and i cannot afford them. plus i just cannot find a man to impregnate me. i have always had such a problem with that.

Do you collect anything?
dirty dishes

Favorite beer?

Have you ever drank your soda from a straw?
never. i did not know that was possible.

Do you like hot sauce?
a resounding nope

What is your mood?
desperate for attention
angry at the world

Are you someone's best friend?
last i knew

What's the last TV show you watched?
i watched some america's next top model on youtube last tuesday, but just 9 minute clips of makeovers, does that count?

oh, and my mother had playing on television chritsmas eve for 4 hours some chaotic frenetic colored picture show with monsters and santa and subliminal messages

(i am being told in my other ear it was dexter's *stike that* Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends)

i begged for mercy and to have it shut off and my sister looked at me like she wanted to kill me for being disgusting, and told me that i needed hospitalized, to which i said "is that what you are getting me for christmas? because thats what i asked santa for!!! yay!!!!"

Are you in good mood right now?
i am not dead. that, at this exact millisecond, i suppose is a good thing

Your phone rings; what do you say?
bastian check who it is on the caller id...ok just give me the fucking thing, goddamnit...hello?!

What's wrong with you right now?
everything physically and about 43 percent mentally and 56 percent psychically

Could you go for a chicken sandwich & some waffle fries??
i do not know what waffle fries are, but i eat most anything that crosses my path, except things people (say for example jonathan or bastian) ask me to try, i NEVER EVER EVER try THAT shit...never.
(reincarnated royalty and the whole poisoning thingie)

Latest you stayed up in the past week?
i have been for the most part awake for three and a half years.
wait, make that five years or more...bastian was five when i started staying awake almost all the time, and he will be ten in two weeks.
lack of sleep is going to kill me.
but i can't seem to get help or sleep without the pesky tylenol pm thing from 6 years ago...and i dont know if even that would work at this point.

When was your last phone call and who was it with?
grandma mae called me yesterday morning.
i got marci's answering machine four times last night between 7 and 10 pm EST

Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?
yes, i would die if i didnt

Do you prefer long or short relationships?
short definitely. thats why i will never get married and have children

Do you remember your dreams?
yes every single one of them. makes storing new memories very difficult, but i try to get the job done

When walking towards an automatic door do you ever fear that it won't open?
no, i pray for a cororate lawsuit due to running my something vein through the glass door, killing two birds with one stone, the coma for the rest i need and the money for that whole "building a sustainable log cabin with solar panels and every other human delicacy i have ever wanted" thingie...
oh! and a pool!
and a nanny!

Who do you hate?
steffani crummett most of the time, but i sometimes act like i like her just to fuck with her.

When will your next kiss be?
i dunno whenever fred feels like it i guess, i am still waiting

Who was the last person you ran into unexpectedly?
you. whoever you are, reading this.
hi how are you i am fine thank you
(thats the versaillesian goodwill schpeil)

Do you tend to make things complicated?
easy breezy beautiful steffi girl
life's too short to think!
its a party in my pants all the time, people

When do you go to sleep?
i don't

Last night did you go to sleep happy?
doubt it

Have any crazy family members?
just me
there is not a damn thing wrong with anyone else.
i am too dramatic and think too much,
they are sane as the day is long

Do you think you spend an unusual amount of time thinking unusual things?
that depends on what your definition of the word time is....?

Have you ever crawled through a window?
only that time i cat burgled all those jewels...

What do you spend most of your money on?
and processed food
(and i call myself socially concious! imagine! ha!)

Ever kissed someone over 30?
over 3o what? feet tall? times on the earlobe? what?
i do not understand this question...

Is there a secret you've never told your parents?
omg i typed It! Was gonna leave it! damn...i erased it...i typed it again... thought About someone in my family driving over to my momS to show it to her...eRased it agAin. damn it. as if someone is reading this. christ, that was freeing!
i could lose 100 Pounds of body fat if i would just typEd it, i know it! Dammit!
just backspaced again.

(nice job, columbo)

Have you ever dyed your hair?
not yet today, you never know

Are you wearing a necklace?
not a visual one, but a placard of shame and pompous weirdness hangs around my neck that i sometimes forget is there

Is there anything in your past that you'd like to try again?
and being nine years old!

Are you an emotional person?
not usually. i usually hide the way iam feeling.

Have you ever worked in a food place?
i have been the cook for this family i work for before
and mcdonalds

Has your #2 on your friends ever made you cry?
only when getting pictures taken

Do you like someone?
i sat here for 26 minutes trying to think of someone. i am too bored and if i don't keep this up i may stop and hit the back browser button this late in the game...so, no....not that i know of

(funny thing about that...if jonathan is reading thus far, he will think i am serious)

Ever felt like you're not good enough?
just at kickball, otherwise the cool kids woulda picked me sooner, other than that, i have an innate ability to do everything perfectly without having to practice, plan or try.

plus i was given such a healthy self esteem as a child, that goes a long way towards raising a healthy adult...this fucked up girl once told me...but she is a fucking mess so i didnt believe a word out of her mouth

Have you ever kissed someone who's name started with an D?
more than more than likely

Do you think that your a good person?
i didnt think about being a person till you asked that! wow...i will have to get back to you on that!


Are you happier single or in a relationship?
these questions are WILD....who thinks up this stuff???? they have too much time on their hands, thats all i know!

Do you hate the last girl you were talking to?
i recall nothing of the sort

Do you like wintertime?

7 days from now will you be in a relationship?
signs point to yes

Where is #1 person on your friends list?
sleeping his works for a living ass upstairs in our king sized bed with the faux down comforter with not a care in the muthafuckin world
happy day after christmas! can i get you some coffee? a newspaper?

Where is the person you like right now?
sleeping his works for a living ass upstairs in our king sized bed with the faux down comforter with not a care in the muthafuckin world

What were you doing at 8 this morning?
i was two minutes away from starting this bitch. it is now 832...evolution is an interesting concept. i am sure the cavewomen had nothing better to do for thirty minutes before their children and men woke up...
no corn to beat into flour here!

Did you have a good birthday this year?
i wasnt born this year, nor did i give birth (again) this year. yay me.
god these questions are so weird

Have you kissed anyone today?
still waiting for my man fred but he is stacking blocks. i could be waiting here all day

How exactly are you feeling?
well i laughed at that and a million thoughts and emotions tinkled out of my unsounding voice/breath/rasping thingie that used to be a mouth and sprayed forth into this unwitting universe....

since then i have thought up some kind of trite weird 40 someword answerish thingie to that question, but most of this is thought....

i could go on and on about my physical body and it's cellular processes that are fooling me into believing that they are my feelings right now...

i could tell you that i just heard a morning (mourning) (thats one of those homophones that as i kid could be confusing) dove and a couple other birds and that has me thinking of spring and hope and global warming.

again....the weather isnt a feeling...even though people sure do try to use it in conversation alot to mask their true feelings because there aren't enough hours in the day nor consumable materials to burn through and covet to cover up that shit, but we all keep trying away.

so, i guess i am fine. yeah i am okay.

how are YOU feeling right now????

What should you be doing?
my hair and makeup

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

june cleaver fail

BEST article i have EVER read on the inter-generational psychosis that i feel all the time...

written about the housing crisis with INCREDIBLE vignettes of gen x wonderfulness and truth.

read it! what better do you have to do?


Sunday, December 21, 2008

jesus, were you born in a barn?!

i have, as we all now know, and i no longer mamby pamby dance around the mulberry bush about, rather alternative views of the world around us, and spirituality and religion, in particular.

this year, i have still listened to the CHRISTmas song channel, because something about me loves CHRISTmas music, but not so much really, this year, because it just feels like repeated propaganda about bethlehem and holy nights and pa-rum-pa-pum-pum over and over again.

and if not that, then jingle-rock-baby-the rednosed-snowman.

but, no matter how you slice it, i still call it the CHRISTmas tree and CHRISTmas eve.

we had a lovely little solstice get-together last night, jonathan bastian and i. (the babies went to bed, but fred got to eat the solstice cookies) i made chicken and noodles and we put the tree up to light the lights and welcome the sun. sebastian received The Wandmaker's Guidebook, a neat little book that he has been inseperable from. jonathan got a pewter wizard pendant necklace on a black leather strand. me, i got the joy of knowing that i was again marking one of the most HOLY nights of MY year. :) (i guess my "boys" aren't quite THERE to getting me a solstice gift yet...and that is totally ok)

every year we make our solstice wishes and fold them up and tuck them into little felt star ornaments my best friend marci made for us...mine came true this year! yay!

all my shopping is done done done, everything is wrapped, everything that needed mailed to points hither and thither are mailed. the baking is done (except i have to dip the buckeyes later on) and i am just looking foreward to everyone opening everything and being pleased and filling their bellies and loving each other and then battening down the hatches for the cold cold winter and the bright, hopeful new year. (i even have the bottle of champagne chilling already...i am ON IT!)

i have a little monkey wrench every year at this time of year with the anniversary of the death of my dad. (and the subsequent funeral and shit getting beaten out of me and my life going off into THAT orbit for 10 years) but i am kinda an old pro at it and it doesnt seem to be bothering me as much as it used to. ( i am too busy with children and LIFE to be bothered with DEATH i think)

but the thing that has stuck out for me this year that i thought i would sit and write about (and i really really really wanted to handprint a draft of this first...but i have wanted to write a draft of it for several weeks now and haven't) is the ONLY aspect of CHRISTmas that i can relate to (besides the magi, and that is pompous haha) and that is the HOMEBIRTH part of the story.


but the part about the mother BIRTHING the baby in a barn thing.

i coulda done it...and have, practically...THAT is the part that is most HOLY to me.

this sunday woulda been the PINK CANDLE advent sunday, if i were into that sort of thing, and it is the ONLY sunday of the year i kinda care about (in the CHRISTian calendar). i remember when i was a girl it was the only time anything female was really talked about in church...besides whores getting stoned to death and women making dinner and serving men and all that....(oh, and my favorite one...gnashing their teeth and putting ashes in their hair...i LOVE that)

so light a pink candle and honor all the mothers who do the modern equivelant of Oh Holy Night on their bathroom floors, against their bedroom doors, on dirty ground and in funny little wading pools and bathtubs all over this planet.
(and even the ones who do it in the hospital who maybe, just maybe, can be convinced before the next baby to try something sacred)

Friday, December 19, 2008

career army officer SUING cheney & rumsfeld for 9-11

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.
Thursday, December 18, 2008

A career Army officer who was injured in the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11 is suing Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld for failing to issue a warning that American Airlines Flight 77 was about to hit the building despite receiving knowledge of its approach some 20 minutes in advance.

Retired Army officer April Gallop, a ranking specialist with top secret clearance who began working at the Pentagon in 2000, has also filed suit against US Air Force General Richard Myers, who was acting chairman of the joint chiefs on 9/11.

Gallop was knocked unconscious when the roof collapsed in her office her and her 2-month-old baby sustained a serious brain injury after suffering the consequences of what Gallop describes as “two explosions”. Gallop does not believe that a Boeing 757 struck the building on 9/11. The lawsuit charges that the attack was “engineered by other means, a planted bomb or bombs and/or a missile,” citing the lack of plane debris witnessed after the attack, along with evidence from the “black box” discovered at the scene, which indicated that the plane passed low over the building immediately before the fireball was observed, as well as the complete failure of ground and air defenses which protect the Pentagon.

The official 9/11 timeline confirms that NORAD and the FAA knew that Flight 77 had been hijacked and was likely headed towards Washington at 9:24 a.m, 19 minutes before the Pentagon was struck. The gap between the second plane hitting the World Trade Center and the incident at the Pentagon was a full 40 minutes.

“The ex-G.I. plaintiff alleges she has been denied government support since then, because she raised ‘painful questions’ about the inexplicable failure of military defenses at the Pentagon that day, and especially the failure of officials to warn and evacuate the occupants of the building when they knew the attack was imminent” said Gallop’s attorney William Veale in a press release.

The suit charges that Cheney, Rumsfeld and Myers conducted a conspiracy to facilitate the attacks and alleges that other unnamed individuals had foreknowledge. The preliminary statement of the lawsuit charges that the attacks were staged so as to “Generate a political atmosphere of acceptance in which the new Administration could enact and implement radical changes in the policy and practice of constitutional government in our country.

The text of the lawsuit lists a mountain of evidence indicating that top members of the Bush cabinet had a hand in the attacks, focusing not just on the Pentagon, but prior knowledge of the attacks and the inconceivable response to all four hijacked airliners on 9/11.

The suit cites the Project For a New American Century strategy documents as proof that top Neo-Cons were yearning for “a new Pearl Harbor” in order to whip up support for a pre-planned geopolitical agenda.

“By helping the attack succeed, defendants and their cohorts created a basis for the seizure of extraordinary power, and a pretext for launching the so-called Global War on Terror, in the guise of which they were free to pursue plans for military conquest, “full spectrum dominance” and “American primacy” around the world; as they have done,” reads the lawsuit.

Attorney William Veale says that if the lawsuit gets past a motion to dismiss, it may be the key which will unlock a plethora of disturbing questions about 9/11.

“What they don’t want is for this to go into discovery,” William Veale told Raw Story. “If we can make it past their initial motion to dismiss these claims, and we get the power of subpoena, then we’ve got a real shot at getting to the bottom of this. We’ve got the law on our side.

The full text of the lawsuit is reprinted below.



APRIL GALLOP, for Herself and as Mother and Next Friend of ELISHA GALLOP, a Minor, No.


Plaintiff, Jury Trial Demanded


DICK CHENEY, Vice President of the U.S.A., DONALD RUMSFELD, former U.S. Secretary of Defense, General RICHARD MYERS, U.S.A.F. (Ret.), and John Does Nos. 1– X, all in their individual capacities, Defendants.




1. This case arises from the infamous Attack on America of Sept 11, 2001, and especially on the Pentagon; and is premised on an allegation of broad complicity in the attack on the part of key U.S. Government officials, beginning with and led from the top by Vice President Dick Cheney, then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and Richard Myers, then acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The plaintiffs allege that these and other government officials, whose identities will be ascertained from their proven or evident relevant roles and activities, and who are named herein as ‘John Doe’ defendants, together with other known and unknown operatives and functionaries, official and otherwise, engaged in an unlawful conspiracy, or a set of related, ongoing conspiracies, in which the concrete objective was to facilitate and enable the hijacking of the airliners, and their use as living bombs to attack buildings containing thousands of innocent victims; and then to cover up the truth about what they had done.

2. The defendants’ purpose in aiding and facilitating the attack, and the overall object of the conspirac(ies), was to bring about an unprecedented, horrifying and frightening catastrophe of terrorism inside the United States, which would give rise to a powerful reaction of fear and anger in the public, and in Washington. This would generate a political atmosphere of acceptance in which the new Administration could enact and implement radical changes in the policy and practice of constitutional government in our country. Much of their intention was spelled out prior to their coming into office, in publications of the so-called Project for the New American Century, of which defendants Cheney and Rumsfeld were major sponsors. There they set forth specific objectives regarding the projection of U.S. military power abroad, particularly in Iraq, the Persian Gulf, and other oil-producing areas. They observed, however, that the American people would not likely support the actions the sponsors believed were necessary, without being shocked into a new outlook by something cataclysmic: “a new Pearl Harbor”. By helping the attack succeed, defendants and their cohorts created a basis for the seizure of extraordinary power, and a pretext for launching the so-called Global War on Terror, in the guise of which they were free to pursue plans for military conquest, “full spectrum dominance” and “American primacy” around the world; as they have done.


In pursuit of the goals of the conspiracy, the named and unnamed defendants knowingly and by agreement committed a series of acts and omissions which were aimed at and did generally accomplish the following objectives:

+ To permit the men they later identified as the hijackers and any immediate accomplices to enter and remain in the country, and carry out the activities, movements and communications needed in their preparations for the hijacking, free from interference by police or counter-terrorist authorities; and then allow the groups of these men to book passage, all on the same day, and board the flights;

+ To cause normal operation of the regular off-course airline flight interception practice of the US Air Force, in cooperation with civil flight control authorities, to be altered, suspended or disrupted in such a way as to remove its protections, at least on that day, and thus permit three of the four apparently hijacked planes to reach their targets and crash into them (or appear to do so…);1

+ To cause the normal operation of ground and air defenses which guard the Pentagon from external attack to be altered, suspended or disrupted in such a way as to remove or negate the building’s normal protections, and thus permit an airliner, believed to be hijacked by possible suicide bombers, and following a forbidden, descending flight path, to reach the Pentagon undeterred;

+ To cause and arrange for high explosive charges to be detonated inside the Pentagon, and/or a missile of some sort to be fired at the building, at or about the time the wayward airliner supposedly arrived there, to give the false impression that hijackers had crashed the plane into the building, as had apparently happened in New York;

+ To arrange, thereafter, and fabricate, propound and defend, as part of the conspiracy, an elaborate, highly complex and sophisticated cover-up, centering around the Report of the 9/11 Commission, and continuing to this day. To this end, defendants misappropriated the highest authority of government to block, misdirect and otherwise evade any fair, independent investigation of the evidence, and officially if implausibly explain away the evident wholesale failure of America’s defenses with misinformation, omissions and distortions, withheld and destroyed evidence, and outright lies.

4. In the attack on the Pentagon, in particular, plaintiff avers that the official story, that a hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon and exploded (causing the plaintiff’s injuries), is false. In fact, the bombing was accomplished another way, so as to limit the damage, protect the defendants, and only make it appear that a plane had been crashed into the building. This claim is supported by data from the plane’s supposed “black box”, released by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which indicate the plane passed over the building at very low altitude, just as an explosion and fireball were engineered by other means, a planted bomb or bombs and/or a missile. This is supported by the lack of any photographic evidence of a wrecked airliner at the Pentagon, compounded by the record of reported refusal by the U.S. Department of Justice to release some 85 video tapes from surveillance cameras in locations at or near the Pentagon, which it has declared exempt from Freedom of Information Act disclosure.

5. Whatever way the bombing of the Pentagon was accomplished, however, and whatever else may or may not have been done by defendants to facilitate the hijackings that day, it is clear the defendant top commanders would have had and did have, at a profound minimum, enough foreknowledge, on that day and in the intelligence information they received beforehand, to have sounded a warning in time for plaintiff and others to evacuate the building, and thereby avoid much if not all the death and injury which occurred. In the end, more than half an hour passed after flight controllers first sounded the alert on Flight 77, while all concerned were fully aware of the suicide crashes in New York; plenty of time for the Pentagon to be evacuated.

‘Top gun’ jet fighter-interceptors under defendants’ command, available with time to spare, were not summoned; and the people in the building, including plaintiff and her infant, were not

warned. This was the result of unlawful conspiracy among these highest-level commanders, and others, who acted knowingly and intentionally to have the Pentagon attacked or to allow it to be attacked, without warning, with deliberate indifference to and in reckless and callous disregard for the fundamental constitutional and human rights of plaintiff and her child, and many other people, dead, injured and bereaved.

6. Plaintiff April Gallop brings this action for herself and as next friend of her son Elisha Gallop now aged 7, who was a two-month-old baby in her arms on that day, her first back from maternity leave. She was a career member of the US Army, a ranking specialist with top secret clearance, who had served six years, two-and-a-half of them in Germany, before being assigned to the Pentagon in 2000. Her desk was roughly 40 feet from the point where the plane allegedly hit the outside wall. As she sat down to work there was an explosion, then another; walls collapsed and the ceiling fell in. Hit in the head, she was able to grab the baby and make her way towards the daylight showing through a blasted opening in the outside wall. There was no airplane wreckage and no burning airplane fuel anywhere; only rubble and dust.

7. Plaintiff and her baby both suffered substantial head and brain injuries, which seriously affect them still today. Plaintiff charges that, because of the conspiracy alleged herein, she and her child and others were injured by acts of terrorism participated in by defendants. Further, as more fully described within at Pars 57-59, she and her child were and subsequently have been denied fundamental rights — including by acts of retaliation against her for raising painful questions about what occurred — as the cover-up continues.



This Court has jurisdiction of this case, as follows:

a. Under the First, Fourth, Fifth and Ninth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, as applied to federal officials under the rule of Bivens v Six Unknown Named Agents, 403 U.S.

388 (1971); and 28 USC 1331;


Under the federal Common Law — given that the most direct occurrences and mechanisms of plaintiffs’ injuries, no doubt including crucial agreements and other communications among various defendants, took place in the Pentagon, a federal enclave — giving plaintiff a right of action in this Court for conspiracy to commit and facilitate actions likely to cause wrongful death, great bodily injury, terror and other loss to plaintiff and others to whom defendants owed a special duty of care; where, instead, defendants acted with reckless and callous disregard for and deliberate indifference to the likelihood of great harm to plaintiff and others, and deprivation of their rights;

c. Under the Terrorism Acts, 18 U.S.Code 2333(a), for acts of terrorism brought about by actions wholly outside the scope of defendants’ duties, in perversion of their authority, and beyond the bounds or color of any law; and therefore not exempt or immune under the provisions of Sec. 2337, the application of which to exonerate these defendants would be unconstitutional.

9. Venue for the case is set by the special provisions of the Air Transportation Safety Act of September, 2001, 49 U.S.C. 40101, Subsection 408(b)(3), bringing all claims arising from events of 9/11 to this honorable Court .


10. Plaintiff APRIL GALLOP is an American citizen, resident of the State of Virginia, a member until this year of the U.S. Army, stationed at the Pentagon on 9/11, claiming for herself and for her minor child, ELISHA GALLOP, who was just two months old on 9/11/01, and was with her when the building was hit. Plaintiff respectfully petitions the Court to appoint her as guardian ad litem for the purposes of this action and related matters.

11. Defendants are DICK CHENEY, the Vice President of the United States; DONALD RUMSFELD, formerly and at relevant times Secretary of Defense of the U.S.; Gen. RICHARD MYERS, then acting chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; all sued in their individual capacities. Additional named, unknown defendants are other persons who were and are co-actors and co-conspirators in sundry phases of the (terrorist) undertaking complained of herein, whose identities, and some of whose precise places or functions in the plot(s) alleged herein are not yet known or fully known, but who certainly include high-ranking members of the Defense Department, the Military, the C.I.A., the F.B.I. and other agencies. Such persons are named and alleged as co-defendants, designated as John Does Nos.1-X and hereby notified of this action, pro tanto, to be identified for the record and impleaded by plaintiffs as the particulars of both culpable and innocent acts and omissions by everyone involved in these events become known.

12. Existence of a Class. Plaintiff notes that a number of other persons suffered injury and loss in the Pentagon on September 11 as she did, and are similarly situated to her, plainly within the provisions of Rule 23, F.R.Civ P., so that she represents a Class, the members of which evidently are also entitled to recover judgment as sought herein. She does not now assert the Class interest; but, where it appears there could be action by the Court affecting this question, and a class could emerge, she wishes to and does hereby reserve the right, subject to the Court’s approval, to act as lead plaintiff.

13. Limitations. There is no time bar to the claims in this action. The Statute does not run against plaintiff’s child, as a minor, under Virginia law (Va. Code Ann., §8.01-229). As to the plaintiff herself, defendants and their cohorts and agents, by means of elaborate planned and other ad hoc cover stories, public lying, alteration of records, misappropriation of official authority and other nefarious activities, have concealed and continue to conceal, fraudulently, the truth about the attacks and the way they occurred — and their own participation and complicity in the range of acts and omissions needed, in furtherance of conspiracy, to bring them about. Likewise, the original conspiracy to act secretly in furtherance of terrorism, and lie and dissemble afterwards, in order to foment war and vengeance against the supposed perpetrators, has stayed alive and continued to harm the plaintiff, as she will show.



Background: Al Qaeda and the 9/11 Attack

14. As the world knows, four large commercial airliners filled with ordinary passengers were reported hijacked in the northeastern United States the morning of September 11, 2001. Two were evidently crashed into the World Trade Center towers in New York, which later collapsed; a third was said to have hit the Pentagon in Washington DC, and the fourth, supposedly aiming for the White House or the Capitol, was reported crashed in Pennsylvania by its passengers, fighting back against the hijackers.

15. The alleged hijackers were quickly identified by US authorities, supposedly from passenger lists, as 19 men of Middle Eastern descent, fifteen from Saudi Arabia, two from the United Arab Emirates, one Egyptian and one Lebanese. Their pictures, apparent police mug shots, were shown on TV around the world soon after the attack. It emerged that some if not all of these men were already known to police and intelligence authorities in the US and elsewhere as terrorist suspects. They were said to be associated with Al-Qaeda, a network of radical ‘Islamic’ militants, led by the renegade Saudi aristocrat Osama bin Laden, and pledged to unremitting ‘holy war’ against the United States and its people. Al Qaeda was blamed for several previous terrorist attacks, including suicide attacks in which hundreds died, in the Middle East and Africa, and against a U.S. Navy warship in the Persian Gulf. An earlier, precursor group of ‘Islamist’ terrorists, based in Brooklyn and New Jersey, carried out the first bombing of the World Trade Center, in 1993.

16. At the time the Clinton Administration was succeeded by that of George W. Bush and defendant Dick Cheney, in January, 2001, an extensive, complex U.S. counter-terrorism effort against Al Qaeda was in progress, involving personnel and resources from a number of government agencies, including the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the U.S. Military, and others, requiring coordination between these agencies at the highest levels. The Chief of Counterterrorism under President Clinton, Richard Clarke, was retained by Bush, but later strongly criticized the Bush Administration for ignoring the Al Qaeda threat, allowing the effort begun under Clinton to lapse, to the point where he felt constrained to apologize to the families of those who died, for the failure he said led directly to the devastation of September 11th. At all events, it is clear from the accounts of Clarke and others that, once Mr. Bush and Defendant Cheney were in office, the effort to combat Al Qaeda was decisively blunted at the top, and at key points down the chain of command.

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17. In particular, little or no attention was paid by defendants and others responsible to an increasingly explicit series of warnings, during 2001, that Al Qaeda was hoping and planning to strike inside the US; and that there were concrete plans — which cadres in U.S. agencies were aware of, and were in fact conducting exercises to prepare for, and defeat — which included attempting to crash planes into important buildings. U.S. investigators were well aware that the man they believed was the enemy network’s chief bomb-maker for the 1993 attack on the Trade Center, Ramzi Youssef, had hoped and attempted to bring a tower down in that attack; and that this remained a goal of the group.

18. Responsible intelligence officials were aware that Al Qaeda members were operating inside the U.S., and there were a number of critical investigative leads. Two of the hijackers-to-be lived with an FBI informant in San Diego. The CIA monitored a meeting in Malaysia in 1999, after which two of the participants came to the U.S., where authorities supposedly lost track of them. There were reports from FBI field offices in Arizona and elsewhere that figures on the suspect list were taking or seeking training as pilots — including one who reportedly said he only wanted to learn how to fly an airliner, not how to land or take off — but coordination and follow-up investigation on these and other leads was blocked by John Doe defendant CIA and FBI higher-ups and key players. Notwithstanding such malfeasance, the signs and portents of an imminent attack were very strong in the summer of 2001. As the then CIA chief George Tenet testified, “The system was blinking red.

19. Despite the flow of ominous information to various sections of the US counterterrorism apparatus, however, and the danger to innocent people — and as a result of conspiracy among defendants Cheney and Rumsfeld, and other members of the Government in various positions — the many warnings of a coming attack by Al Qaeda forces (as many as forty messages in all, according to the Commission Report, from eleven different countries) were studiously ignored.

20. That is, defendants and others in the highest circles of the Government knew more than enough beforehand about the threat and gathering danger of an imminent possible attack by Al Qaeda in the U.S. to understand that they needed to take strong, thoroughgoing measures to increase the country’s protections and alertness. Instead, led by defendants Cheney and Rumsfeld, and because defendants were callously indifferent to the rights and safety of innocents — including their own people in the Pentagon, plaintiff among them — the government did not respond. On information and belief, no special meetings of high officials and agency heads were called, to make sure protections systems were on high alert and functioning properly, and that all needed information was being shared. No special warnings were given to the Federal Aviation Administration, the Immigration Service, the Military and other affected agencies. No consultations were had about possible methods of attack, including specifics about possible hijackings, and the use of planes as missiles to hit buildings, despite operational planning and training which had already occurred at lower echelons. The FBI did not step up surveillance of suspected terrorist individuals or “cells”, or immigration checks, or let such people know they were being watched, in order to impede their activities; and it appears that no coordinated, high-level monitoring and analysis of the threats, and planning for counteraction, ever took place. Instead, the threat was dismissed, and ignored.

21. It should be noted that plaintiff cannot and does not know with certainty the outlines of the plot at its initiation. The attacks may have been conceived of as a false-flag operation from the beginning, with the defendants and their operatives as creators, planners, and executors, with the assistance of others as necessary. Or, defendants may have employed Muslim extremists to carry out suicide attacks; or they may have used Muslim extremists as dupes or patsies. The roles of the supposed “nineteen” could have been to hijack the airliners, or simply, unwittingly, to be on the planes when they were crashed into buildings by remote control. It is also possible that the defendants learned of a plot originated by Muslim extremists, and co-opted or overrode it with their own plan. Whatever lay in the minds of the defendant conspirators at the outset, it is clear that the nineteen men so quickly identified as the hijackers, some if not all of them known terrorist suspects, traveling under their own names, simply walked onto the four planes that morning, with their “box cutters”, without hindrance or incident.

II. Failure of the Air Defense System.

22. Accounts from the FAA and the National Military Command Center vary widely, suffer from internal contradictions, and are in conflict with each other; but credible reports show that FAA flight controllers were aware of a problem with the first plane as early as 8:14 or 8:15 a.m. the morning of September 11th, and evidently called the military for emergency assistance, pursuant to routine, by 8:21 a.m. or thereabouts. They learned the second plane was off course and not responding a short time later. According to reports, United Flight 11 hit the WTC North Tower at 8:46 a.m. and Flight 175 hit the South Tower at 9:03. The Pentagon was hit at or about 9:32 a.m. — although the official version says 9:38 — and the fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania shortly after 10:00 a.m. High performance jet fighter planes stationed at various bases around the northeastern U.S. — tasked to intercept and deal with unidentified or straying aircraft entering or flying in U.S. airspace under NORAD district command, or otherwise at NORAD’s disposal — were available at a moment’s notice. None were notified, however, or sent to the right place, until it was too late; at least for the first three planes.

23. No interceptor planes came to stop the supposed hijackers — shoot them down if necessary — even though the Air Force has for many years maintained a practice of immediate response in which the fighters have readily been “scrambled” when aircraft are seen to go too far off course, or lose radio contact with flight controllers. The interceptor program has been an elite assignment in the Air Force, even after the Cold War ended, in which pilots fly regularly, and wait in ‘ready rooms’ near the hangars, and planes are kept in top condition, with engines warm and ready for takeoff. The best jets are used, which can reach speeds of 1600-1800 miles per hour, and the personnel are so well trained and practiced that pilots routinely go from hearing the scramble order to 29,000 feet in less than three minutes. The scramble orders are normally made by local NORAD commanders in cooperation with the FAA. Both the FAA and the affected NORAD North East Air Defense Sector (NEADS) military command have radar tracking coverage of the entire airspace, and special telephone hotlines between them and with higher authority. Nor are these forays rare, reportedly occurring once or twice a week at various U.S. locales during the past several years. Published Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) records showed that, between September 1, 2000 and June 1, 2001, interceptor jets took to the air 67 times to check on “in-flight emergencies” involving wayward planes.

24. No interceptors came to defend the Pentagon, in particular, and plaintiff and the other occupants, because of actions and failures to act by defendant Rumsfeld, Defendant General Myers and John Doe others in concert with them, even though more than an hour passed between the time the first warning went out to the Military, at or about 8:21a.m., and the attack on the Pentagon at 9:32; even though the first tower was hit in a suicide crash in New York at least 46 minutes before the Pentagon was hit; and even though ‘combat air patrol’ jets from any of several bases in the region could have reached the Pentagon — or the path of Flight 77 — in a fraction of that time.

25. Having pre-arranged a coordinated failure of the Pentagon defenses, and its warning system, the defendants hid and distracted themselves, and otherwise failed to act, just at the time they were needed to ensure defense of the building; and they have dissembled ever since, as part of the conspiracy, in representing where they were and what they did during that time. As with the planes that hit the towers in New York, the Military and the 9/11 Commission, while failing to cast blame, explained away the failure to launch fighter interceptors at the Pentagon as the result of a failure by flight controllers — which FAA personnel deny — to notify the Air Force of the flight emergencies in a timely way. This was cover-up, in furtherance of the conspiracy.

26. Likewise, by the acts of one or more defendants in furtherance of the conspiracy, no defenses at the Pentagon responded either, no missile or anti-aircraft batteries opening from the ground around the building, or the roof; no sharpshooters deployed with hand-held missiles at stations close by; nothing. And, shockingly, when the towers in New York had already been hit, and Flight 77 (or a substitute, see below) was out of radio contact and headed back towards the capital; and even when the plane approached, and then doubled back and headed toward the building in a long dive, no alarm was sounded.

27. It is evident, particularly with respect to the attack on the Pentagon in which the plaintiff and her baby were injured, that, if the building was hit by a plane that morning, or if, as appears more likely, a plane flew low over the building at the time the bomb(s) went off inside and/or the missile hit, to give the (false) impression of a crash, some form of order or restriction was in force which suspended normal operation of the building’s defenses. In particular, it is indisputable that the expected response of the fighter-interceptors failed completely; and plaintiff avers this resulted from orders or authorization from within the defendant circle of Rumsfeld and Myers and their helpers, restraining normal operation of the protections system and armaments at the Pentagon — including but not limited to jets available at various bases near the capital.

28. Plaintiff alleges further that such “standdown” orders, in whatever manner or form they had been prepared or issued, were maintained and affirmed by defendants up to and through that morning, and that defendant Cheney in particular, operating in the underground command bunker (Presidential Emergency Operations Center, or PEOC) beneath the White House, personally affirmed such an order. His word kept the order in force during the period between 9:20 a.m., when he was observed in the Bunker and the moment the Pentagon was hit.

29. In this connection, plaintiff refers the Court to the testimony of then-U.S. Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta to the 9/11 Commission. Mineta testified that when he arrived at the White House, he was sent to the PEOC, and arrived at around 9:20 a.m., to find Cheney there, and in charge. He said he sat at a table with Cheney for the next period of time, during which a young man came in the room, three times, and informed the Vice President that an “unidentified plane” was approaching Washington, D.C., first at 50, then 30, and then 10 “miles out”; and that, when he reported the distance as 10 miles, the young man asked the vice president, “Do the orders still stand?” Secretary Mineta testified that defendant Cheney responded sharply, “Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?” Whereupon the young man left the room; and a few minutes later, the hit on the Pentagon was announced. This testimony by the Secretary has never been contested, discredited or explained away by any U.S. official.

30. Plaintiff alleges that the “orders” were orders not to intercept or shoot down the approaching plane. If the orders had been to attack the approaching plane, it would have been shot down before it reached the Pentagon — or at least some attempt to stop it would have been made; and the world would know of it. Based on some two hundred years of American military history, the failure would have led to a Board of Inquiry or other public official investigation, to determine how and why the defense apparatus had failed. Individuals would have been called to account, and disciplinary procedures followed resulting in findings of responsibility and demotions or formal charges against those found to have failed the Country. All of these bureaucratic events would have become part of the official record, and known to the public; none of which has happened. There has been no publicly recorded disciplinary action against any military or civilian officer of the United States government as a result of the attacks of September 11th. Such proceedings would have created a great risk that the truth would be exposed.

31. The public record also shows that no meaningful follow-up questioning of Sec. Mineta occurred before the 9/11 Commission; that defendant Cheney has never testified under oath or been reasonably questioned about these events; and that he has given contradictory accounts, one of which—the account he gave to Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” five days after 9/11— conflicts with The 9/11 Commission Report. The 9/11 Commission Report adopts an unsworn statement by Cheney that he never reached the bunker until about 10:00 a.m.; and contains no reference to Mineta’s testimony, ignoring completely this contradiction between the two high government officials. The Commission also ignores the fact that Richard Clarke’s book “Against All Enemies” supports Mineta’s testimony and hence contradicts the 9/11 Commission’s account.

32. Plaintiff charges that, in point of fact, the “orders” referred to were orders not to shoot the plane down, but to let it proceed, and that such orders were given and/or approved by defendants Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Myers, pursuant to the root conspiracy alleged herein, and transmitted down a chain of command. The normal expected operation of Pentagon defense that day was thus prevented, allowing the attack to succeed, or to “succeed” in creating a false and deceptive scenario of a plane crash.

III. The Attack on the Pentagon.

33. At the Pentagon, the plaintiff was at her desk, with her baby, in her office on the first floor, when large explosions occurred, walls crumbled and the ceiling fell in. Although her desk is just some forty feet from the supposed impact point, and she went out through the blown-open front of the building afterwards, she never saw any sign that an airliner crashed through. If Flight 77, or a substitute, did swoop low over the building, to create the false impression of a suicide attack, it was then flown away by its pilot, or remote control, and apparently crashed someplace else. At the building, inside or outside of the wall the plane supposedly hit, there was no wreckage, no airplane fragments, no engines, no seats, no luggage, no fuselage sections with rows of windows, and especially, no blazing quantities of burning jet fuel. The interior walls and ceilings and contents in that area were destroyed, but there was no sign of a crashed airplane. A number of those present inside the building and out have attested to this fact in published reports.

34. Instead, just when plaintiff turned on her computer — for an urgent document-clearing job she was directed by her supervisor to rush and begin, as soon as she arrived at work, without dropping her baby off at child care until she was finished — a huge explosion occurred, and at least one more that she heard and felt, and flames shot out of the computer. Walls crumbled, the ceiling fell in, and she was knocked unconscious. When she came to, terrified and in pain, she found the baby close by, picked him up, and, with other survivors caught in the area, made her way through rubble, smoke and dust towards daylight, which was showing through an open space that now gaped in the outside wall. When she reached the outside she collapsed on the grass; only to wake up in a hospital some time later.

35. Plaintiff’s injuries could have been avoided, had an alarm been sounded. However, despite the undoubted knowledge of the defendant commanders and operators in the system that an unknown aircraft was headed towards Washington, possibly as part of the apparent terrorist suicide attack begun earlier in New York — and in spite of well-established Pentagon emergency evacuation procedures and training — there was no alarm. On the contrary, plaintiff was directed to go straight to her desk when she arrived at work, and when she got there, and turned her computer on, the place blew up. If an unauthorized non-military plane was headed towards the building, on a day when two apparently hijacked planes had hit the Twin Towers, why wasn’t she evacuated, with her baby, instead of hurried inside? Why weren’t alarms going off, and all the people in the building rushing to safety? Due to the conspiracy, and defendants’ actions and flagrant failures to act, in furtherance of it, one hundred and twenty-five people, members of the Military and civilian employees, died in the bombing; and many more including plaintiff and her child were seriously hurt.

36. Plaintiff alleges further that, pursuant to the conspiracy, the attack on the Pentagon was contrived to “succeed” in only a very limited way. Destruction, death and injuries, in comparison to what would have occurred if the building had been attacked straight on with a large plane, by enemies bent on causing the greatest possible devastation and loss of life, were kept to a minimum; and the conspirators themselves not put at risk.

Certainly the official account of what occurred is full of gross anomalies,

which contradict the physical evidence, the scientific and aeronautical evidence, and the laws of physics and aerodynamics. The 9/11 Commission Report is exposed as an artifact of the conspiracy, aimed at covering up the fact that no airliner crashed into the Pentagon, and that it was bombed a different way.

37. The official account established in the 9/11 Commission hearings is that American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757-200 jetliner, took off from Dulles International Airport at or about 8:20 a.m., and apparently was hijacked at about 8:55 a.m. some two or three hundred miles west of Washington. Radio contact was lost and the plane’s “transponder” was turned off. At that point, Flight 77 was traversing an apparent radar “dead zone”, located over the southeast Ohio-West Virginia borderland, where another similar plane, fitted with radio control reception equipment, may have been substituted, so as to ensure that the precise maneuvers required by the conspirators’ plan could be carried out. Whichever plane it was soon established a flight path leading back towards Washington at high speed, on a downward trajectory, until it was close to the Pentagon. There it began a two-and-a-half-to-three-minute spiral dive, from an altitude of about 8000 feet and in a 330-degree loop, which supposedly carried it into the northwest wall of the building. Experts agree this dive was an aeronautically fantastic maneuver, nearly impossible for a plane of that size, which would require the most skillful and experienced pilot — or remote control.

38. The returning plane, according to the official version, struck the Pentagon just above ground level. There it disintegrated — even maybe vaporized, according to some accounts, at least in part — but, paradoxically, also plowed inside. Had it simply flown straight into the top of the building rather than making its improbable spiral dive, there would have been far greater damage and loss of life. Had it turned only 150-180 degrees, it could have smashed into the East side of the building, where the office of defendant Rumsfeld was publicly known to be located on the third floor, looking out at the river, with the Joint Chiefs and other high officials all nearby. In contrast, the ground floor area that was blown up held offices like the one plaintiff worked in, many of them empty for a remodeling project, which was said to have included reinforcement to protect against attack. Another part of the destroyed space held financial records.

39. Also in the official version, the nose of the plane supposedly penetrated the distance of the three outer “rings” of the building, leaving a large, nine- or ten-foot-high round hole — shown in official photographs, without any sign of a plane — in the inner wall of the third (“C”) ring. The hole was located some 300 feet from the alleged impact point, through a maze of structural pillars and interior walls. It was also said that the wings of the plane knocked over five lampposts along a nearby road, as it approached the building, which meant the wings were a maximum of 50 feet off the ground as the plane flew past, roughly 300-350 yards away from the near face of the building.


This account is at odds with known evidence, and raises substantial questions about the absence of evidence — and official withholding of evidence — including the following:

a. There are no photos of a wrecked airplane at the place where the building was hit and set on fire; or of airplane wreckage at the hole in the inner ring where the nose of the plane was originally said by Rumsfeld to have come to rest, or elsewhere inside the building. Moreover, the nose of such a plane contains radar equipment, and the outer shell is made of a porous, composite material that allows the radar to function. Therefore, the nose was not capable of surviving an impact with the outer wall without being crushed, let alone penetrating all the way inside to the C-Ring wall, 300 feet away.

Although this story was later dropped, defendant Rumsfeld has never been publicly questioned about his statement that this is what occurred.

b. As noted, there is no footage from numerous video surveillance cameras — reportedly 85 different tapes are being withheld by the U.S. Justice Department — which are known or reliably assumed to have been operating at various nearby locations where some or all of the plane and the crash could be expected to have been caught on tape.

c. The official account says the plane knocked over several lampposts with its wings — two on one side of a nearby road, three on the other — which meant the wings were less than fifty feet off the ground as the plane approached, over uneven terrain, and the undercarriage even closer. The earliest photographs, taken before the upper floors fell in, about 30 minutes after the explosion(s), show the front blown off an expanse of the ground floor, no marks on the lawn in front of the impact zone; and several large cable reels standing in front of the building, unscathed.


The “black box” flight data recorder identified by the Government as coming from Flight 77, and reportedly recovered from the wreckage at the scene, bears data, according to pilots who have examined printouts provided by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which contradict various aspects of the official account, — and indeed the very notion that a plane struck the Pentagon — in crucial ways, viz:

1. It is a fundamental premise of airliner manufacture and operation that the black box only stops recording data when a flight is terminated — by the pilot turning off the engines at the gate, or by a crash. According to the pilots who studied the printouts, however, the record showing the path of Flight 77, etched with codes which connect it to that plane that day, cuts off, unaccountably, some 4-500 yards short of the building — a point reached after the pitched, diving loop described above — at an altitude of 273 feet. The Pentagon is roughly 75 feet high. Just as they will confirm the improbability of that dive, expert pilots will attest that for a plane that size to descend from 273 feet, going approximately 500 miles an hour, and then level off inside of a quarter mile without hitting the ground — let alone get down to 50 feet in time to catch the lampposts, 300 yards closer — is an aerodynamic and gravitational impossibility.

2. The Safety Board has released a computer simulation of the flight path of Flight 77, allegedly based on the data from the flight recorder, which contradicts a simulation adopted by the 9/11 Commission. The Commission simulation shows the flight path of the official story, at an angle reflected by the damage inside the building, consistent with the downed light poles, and to the south of two nearby buildings housing the Navy Annex and a Citgo gas station. The NTSB simulation shows the plane headed towards the building on a path north of the two buildings and the line of lampposts.

3. Similarly, in the one fragment of a surveillance tape the Pentagon has released, two of the five frames disclosed appear to show an object, not recognizable as an airliner and apparently trailing a plume of white smoke, moving parallel to and just above the ground towards the Pentagon wall, followed by a bright explosion and a fireball mounting from the front of the building. The NTSB’s black box data shows Flight 77 was roughly 200 feet above the top of the Pentagon as it reached its last known position some 400 to 500 yards (2-3 seconds) away. Thus, it could not have hit the building except by diving into it, and so could not have flown parallel to the ground between there and the point of impact. So it appears that, contrary to the defendants’ false cover story of an airliner suicide crash, there was a different, additional, flying object, which hit the Pentagon, and was part of the terrorist bombing that caused the plaintiffs’ injuries.

e. Additionally, the FBI identified the hijacker pilot of Flight 77 as “Hani Hanjour”, supposedly a known terrorist suspect, who was reported to have received flight training in various places in the months before the attack. His flight instructors, however, reported that Hanjour was such a poor flight student that he was barely able to fly a small Cessna; and then he was so erratic that instructors refused to go up with him, and, just a few months before 9/11, recommended he be washed out and his license taken away. Thus it seems quite impossible that he could have flown the 757 really at all, let alone in its great uncanny dive. There have also been repeated reports since 9/11 that several of the other men named and pictured by the FBI as the hijackers were still alive after 9/11, and living in various locations in the world — including one, Waleed Al-Shehri, who was said to be a working pilot for Moroccan Air Lines, correctly shown in the FBI photo, whose identity and location have been verified by at least one major press outlet, the BBC. This information has not been pursued by U.S. investigators, or media.

f. Several trained and experienced military personnel at the scene noted the distinctive odor of cordite, a high explosive used in gunpowder, in the aftermath of the attack at the Pentagon. This suggests explosives as the cause for the destruction rather than the impact and fire resulting from burning jet fuel.

g. One investigator has documented the fact that numerous clocks in the damaged area of the building stopped at 9:32 a.m., as the plaintiff’s watch did also, supporting the idea that electrically timed or detonated explosives were used to bring about the intended damage to the building — and that the attack occurred at 9:32, not 9:38.

41. All the matters alleged in paragraph #40 are known and demonstrable, and most would have been immediately evident to the defendants at the time. As Secretary of Defense, defendant Rumsfeld in particular was in a unique position to determine the truth and fix responsibility. He did neither. That he did not is confirmation of his complicity in the attack–and his indifference to and callous disregard for the injuries and loss of rights suffered by plaintiff and others.

42. Further, it should be noted that on September 10, 2001, the day before the attack, Defendant Rumsfeld conducted a press conference at the Pentagon in which he publicly announced that auditors had determined that some 2.3 trillion dollars in Defense Department funds —$2.300,000,000,000 — could not be accounted for. To plaintiff’s knowledge and belief, part of the area of the ground floor of the Pentagon that was destroyed in the bombing is a location where records were kept that would be used to trace those funds, and where people worked who knew about them. On information and belief, there has been to this day no public report concerning the fate of those records, or that money.

43. In any event, the plainly visible pattern of damage on the outside and in other photographic views makes it clear the building was not hit by a plane. There may have been a missile strike, perhaps penetrating through to the back wall, which helped collapse the section that fell in, possibly augmented by explosives placed inside. Photos taken before the collapse suggest this, showing a single blown-out window section, above the ground floor; and witnesses have reported seeing a helicopter above the building, and disappearing behind it, followed by a big explosion and bright fireball. As noted, a large roundish hole was found in the C-ring wall, some 300 feet inside the building; and there were credible accounts, ignored in the Commission Report, of serious bomb damage in the B-ring, second from the center, and even some reports of dead bodies in the central A-ring, also ignored. As shown on CNN television, a large military aircraft, identified as an E-4B — the so-called “Doomsday Plane”, which carries the most complete and sophisticated military command and control apparatus — was circling above Washington at the time the Pentagon was hit. It was in perfect position to coordinate the detonation and/or missile shot with a fly-over; and guide the airliner in its dive by remote control. It was also in perfect position to spot the oncoming plane on its radar and sound an alarm. Significantly, the Department of Defense has denied any knowledge of this airplane flying in that area on that day.

44. Whatever the cause of the bombing, and the traumatic injuries to plaintiff and others which resulted, the Government, of which the two main defendants were and have been the highest, most powerful officers, pursuant to the conspiracy they led and still lead as alleged herein, has been altogether deceptive in investigating, reporting and explaining the attack and its cause; and defendants, rather than righteously investigate and determine the derelictions which occurred, have done nothing but lie and cover up.

45. Defendant Rumsfeld in particular has been deceptive from the start, as where, on September 13, he reported on Good Morning, America that the plane “…went in through three rings (of the Pentagon). I’m told the nose is — is still in there, very close to the inner courtyard, about one ring away”; a palpably false statement, contradicted by numerous witnesses, a total lack of photographic evidence, and evident impossibility. Rumsfeld has also contradicted himself several times in describing his whereabouts and movements during the first hour or more of the attack. He does not acknowledge his presence in a teleconference which Richard Clarke said he, Rumsfeld, and others were part of, beginning shortly after 9:00 a.m. — after the Flight 77 emergency was reported, at or about the time the second tower was hit in New York, and more than half an hour before the Pentagon was hit — and he contradicts himself about whether and when he went to the Executive Support Center and/or the National Military Command Center, both within the Pentagon, as events transpired that morning. General Myers also (falsely) denied he was at the Pentagon in the early stages of the teleconference, as reported by Clarke. Tellingly, the tape of the videoconference, which obviously would have been part of any good faith investigation, has been kept secret.

46. Defendant Rumsfeld also made a striking prediction of the attack, as if speaking compulsively about his secret knowledge, that very morning, and several days later, he publicly referred to the “missile” that hit the Pentagon. In testifying before the 9/11 Commission, the defendant stonewalled and double-talked egregiously, responding to direct questions (some of them personally submitted by plaintiff herself during a hearing open only to survivors), especially about the Air Force fighter-interceptors not showing up, with irrelevant and sometimes incomprehensible ramblings. Consistent with their part in the cover-up, Commissioners failed to question him closely or confront his non-responsiveness.

IV. The Other Planes.

* A d v e r t i s e m e n t
* efoods

47. In spite of what the record shows was a regular, timely alert and request to NEADS commanders by FAA flight controllers at Boston for in-flight emergency response regarding United Airlines Flights 11 and 175 out of Boston, as described above in Pars. 22-24, the jets were not scrambled, or properly “vectored”, in time to intercept the planes that hit the Towers in New York — even though there was plenty of time for the interception.

48. With respect to Flight 93, which was thought to be intended for an attack on the White House or the Capitol, but crashed in Pennsylvania, there remains a great deal of mystery. Much of what supposedly happened was a made-in-Hollywood saga, where the passengers, learning of the earlier suicide crashes, gathered themselves and counter-attacked the hijackers, succeeding in heroic, self-sacrificing measure by crashing the plane (or causing the hijacker pilot to crash it) in a remote field, before it could approach its target. This story was supposedly recounted to persons on the ground by passengers with cell phones; but the science is clear that, at least in 2001, cell phones couldn’t operate at the high altitude where the struggle supposedly took place. Also, the FBI, in presenting evidence at the Moussaoui trial in 2006, denied that any of the high-altitude calls that had been reported actually took place. The only cell phone calls confirmed by the FBI were two that reportedly occurred when the plane had descended to 5,000 feet. Thus, the mythic account is suspicious, to say the least.

49. Moreover, it appears fairly well established that one or more fighters ultimately did go aloft, and reached Flight 93, although this was also comprehensively denied in the Commission Report. There is also good evidence that supposed presidential authority to “engage”, meaning shoot down the plane, was given by defendant Cheney at or about 9:50 a.m. that morning, wherewith Flight 93 was indeed shot down with an air-to-air missile from a U.S.A.F. fighter jet.

50. Finally, there are multiple reports that debris from the plane was found a mile or more from the crash site, an obvious impossibility if the plane simply fell or dove into the ground. Likewise, there is no debris visible in photographs of the crash site, despite a long photographic history of airliner crashes showing plane parts and debris spread around the point of impact. Instead there was a crater, and no sign of the plane. Implausibly, however, the official report said that a visa, in the name of the alleged hijacker identified as the pilot, was recovered near the crater, along with a red headband of the type the hijackers supposedly wore. Again, available evidence shows the official account promulgated under the defendants’ illicit influence is, and plaintiffs allege that it is, false and fraudulent, in furtherance of the conspirac(ies) alleged herein.

V. The Cover-up.

51. As with the other branches or phases of the conspiracy, wherein a number of John Doe defendants working on different aspects of the organized enablement of the hijacking led by defendants Cheney and Rumsfeld may not have been aware or fully aware of each other’s involvement; so too with the cover-up, a complicated operation which those involved have maintained for these seven years, and must continue to see to, indefinitely, on any number of fronts. That is, the skein of misrepresentations, distortions, omissions, contradictions, withheld evidence and outright lies which comprise the fraudulent “official” version, must be and plaintiffs allege that it has been and is assiduously, and fraudulently, maintained by the original perpetrators and various cohorts, who have kept the original conspiracy alive to this day.

52. In particular, the cover-up — beyond the fact that the simulated plane crash at the Pentagon was itself a cover-up — has been concentrated around the purported investigation and analysis of the attack and its supposed background by the 9/11 Commission, formally known as The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States, and the Report it issued in 2004. There, as extensively shown by a number of critics and commentators, this official organ put forth a supposedly comprehensive account of the attacks, the alleged attackers and their history, and various surrounding events and circumstances, in a version so full of omissions, distortions and outright falsehoods, as to clinch its purpose as a mainstay of the cover-up, in furtherance of the underlying conspiracy alleged herein, and its ongoing success.

53. Thus the Report gives a careful account and description of some of the many warnings the Government received during 2001 about Al Qaeda’s intention to attack — in the United States, possibly with hijacked planes. The Report goes on to describe an interview with President Bush, which occurred only after intense negotiations in which the Commissioners acquiesced to White House conditions requiring that defendant Cheney be permitted to accompany the President, and that no record would be kept and no notes taken. There the President earnestly insisted to his Commission interlocutors that no warning of the attack had come. All contradictions were left unexplored, and ignored in the Report.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

ok, kids! dust off your dream dictionaries. you are going to need them

ok.....this is major.

this morning at 10:30, jonathan "let" me go up and sleep. i swore i was only going to read for a little while. it wasn't a big issue or anything, i was just EXHAUSTED. i do not know if you can fathom the kind of exhaustion this was. i have been EXHAUSTED for months, if not a couple years straight. and jonathan is VERY good to me in letting me TRY sometimes to get some extra sleep when at all humanly possible. he is (proably) better to me getting sleep than he is to himself. needless to say, though, i have seen most of the hours of the last three-four years.

so i went upstairs and read just a little bit and konked out.

i dreamed i was a CONSCIENCE!

in the dream i started out as ME, as steffani.

i was helping the girls from my old high school class to find our classmates for our 15th class reunion, which is coming up next year. (i know, huh?!)

there was one particular person they sent me to look for, like PHYSICALLY look for. (matt broering- for those of you keeping score out there, and who can understand the subtleties of that)

so i set off on foot to look for him.

i ended up walking up a road (in colorado, which was outside of the town i lived in most of the years i lived there...)and there was a distance road sign that said MATT 35

as though WHERE HE WAS was 35 miles (walking east, for those of you with your dream dictionaries out) down this road.

so i kept walking and several miles on, coming towards me, was a ragtag group of men beind DRIVEN by chinese soldiers (in america) as though in some death march on the colorado plains.

matt broering was one of these (american) men (prisoners).

i called out to him. he saw me but warned me with his eyes to try to escape.

we both knew it was too late.

the chinese guard nearest him fired a blow dart at him (in a tube in his mouth) which was poison and matt dropped to the ground. dead.

next thing i knew i FELT a dart pierce my neck.

i died.

that was it.

it was really fast.

i could no longer see.

the world went black.

i did not exist.

but i could FEEL

and HEAR.

the next thing, i was MEAT

at a chinese factory.

i was MEAT (!!!)

being marinated on an assembly line for use in chinese food

(i KNOW!!!, huh?!)

(they used my flesh to make chinese meat)

from the moment i got hit with the dart i was no longer steffani

my BEINGNESS altered and i was now MEAT.

the NEXT thing i knew, i was being eaten (by an american man)

from the point i was EATEN, i could no longer HEAR...

(i have thought about this today and i "thought" about it whilst i was dreaming. i would describe it as being "helen keller" where i could now not HEAR or SEE (as the world had gone black to my human consciousness when i had DIED)

i could merely FEEL in the BLACKNESS now, as i was digested through his body. (yes, could FEEL myself (meat) being DIGESTED through this MAN's body)

shat out...

(i KNOW!!!)

into the toilet...

flushed out into the sewer system...

purified back into FRESH water

(WATER...from meat/flesh i became WATER...i KNOW!!!!)

and into the SEA!

where at a river bed, another MAN gathered me up in his hands and DRANK "me"...

(this is a true story and i remember it as clearly as i am typing it)

inside THIS man's body i turned from WATER to SPERM


so i became the very SPARK of LIFE then....

"I" was then expelled into a woman's body...

and became an embroyo...

(could FEEL the cell expansion and divisions)

and the world turned light again.

the CONSCIOUSNESS that i was that had been DARK since my prior death was now sparkling with LIFE...

the "life sparkles" became FLESH (again! i KNOW!!!!)

and i was BIRTHED and again could SEE and HEAR...

and was a human infant....

who FELT in the SENSORY LANGUAGE of a human infant....

who began to gain cognition (VERY SLOWLY, yet THOROUGHLY)

and LEARNED "physicality" from inside my HEARING and SEEING self who wasn't able to comprehend nor express LANGUAGE.

(what i can tell you from this, as i was coming to and being awakened by my own toddler children downstairs, is that the LESSON of this part is that when we are SMALL children we are ONLY ourSELVES. it is a beautiful fine line between being lightsparks and flesh beings that is snuffed out with each and every english word we learn and every single word spoken to us...(i learned that even nice words...anything ALOUD...HURTS)...

we become DEADENED of our LIGHTSPARKS with WORDS and HUMANITY and that physical touch and pleasant light, sound, and the gentlest sensory touch possible, are what is HUMAN in us and EVERYTHING ELSE is a bombardement and ruiner and is PAINFUL and murderous to our light conciousness)

i awoke feeling that i had GONE HOME...this was a true dream that i HAD to share. it was a momentous, wild trip.

thank you for reading about it.

Friday, December 5, 2008

power to the people!

Wisconsin's Solution To The Financial Crisis??

Milwaukee might soon be printing their own money.

For reals!

Residents from the neighborhoods of Riverwest and East Side will be meeting next Wednesday to discuss the possibility of printing their own money.

The cash could be used at neighborhood stores and local businesses.

As for the idea behind the cash printing, it seems the towns want to encourage local spending. They hope to boost the local economy due to the nationwide shitty recession.

One local community organizer said, "You have all these people who have local currency, and they're going to spend it at local stores. They can't spend it at the Wal-Mart or the Home Depot, but they can spend it at their local hardware store or their local grocery store."

So, what's the incentive for the residents?

One idea is to exchange money with a 10% increase. So exchanging $100 would give you $110 local Milwaukee dollars, allowing residents a 10% discount at the participating shops.

And all of this is completely legal. The only restrictions?

Communities can't create coins or bills resembling federal dollars.

***From Perez Hilton dot com

Thursday, December 4, 2008

i'm fifty

i can kick!

and bend!

and kick!

i'm FIFTY!!!!


we all must totally do this! double gifting rules!



KBR gave troops ice tainted with ‘traces of body fluids and putrefied remains.’»
A former technician who worked for contracting company KBR in Iraq has filed a class-action lawsuit saying the company “exposed everyone at Joint Base Balad in Iraq to unsafe water, food and hazardous fumes from the burn pit there.” Joshua Eller’s suit includes particularly disturbing charges about KBR’s indifference to proper sanatization and the disposal of human remains:

The lawsuit also accuses KBR of shipping ice in mortuary trucks that “still had traces of body fluids and putrefied remains in them when they were loaded with ice. This ice was served to U.S. forces.”

Eller also accuses KBR of failing to maintain a medical incinerator at Joint Base Balad, which has been confirmed by two surgeons in interviews with Military Times about the Balad burn pit. Instead, according to the lawsuit and the physicians, medical waste, such as needles, amputated body parts and bloody bandages were burned in the open-air pit.

“Wild dogs in the area raided the burn pit and carried off human remains,” the lawsuit states. “The wild dogs could be seen roaming the base with body parts in their mouths, to the great distress of the U.S. forces.”


my husband done good

i LOVE my husband's blog.
very simple.
very nice.
lots of art.
just like him.

i LOVE today's entry and so i says to my husband i says "you have made it today, sir! i am going to link to your blog now!"

and thus!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i am sick as hell and still i fight

i have THE FLU but have a few minutes and am USING them. what are you doing???

Thursday, November 27, 2008

wow! you guys HAVE To see this video...
it is a BRILLIANT, AMAZING example of propaganda vs one guy speaking the TRUTH and being made fun of.

this guy looks like a FORTUNE TELLER and all the other panelists look like hyenas, in retrospect, don't they??!!

i have seen a LOT of things relatively like this (ron paul, et al) but this is just totally stunning :)

do watch!

i, sir, am not amused...

at the macy's "rick roll"...

when they warn ya its not a rick roll...

i am also NOT amused with the lipsyncing...

i could've possibly been amused with the lip syncing if it were not announced.

i have seen people were actually impressed with it...i am not one.

those people must be drunk

(this blog hsa 4567 views. make a wish!)

also...it is now 8:25 pm thanksgiving...and this day has not for one moment felt like a thursday...can i even DESCRIBE how MUCH i LOVE that??!!!

thank you for old beat poets

For John Dillinger
In hope he is still alive
Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 1986

Thanks for the wild turkey and the Passenger Pigeons, destined to be shit out through wholesome American guts

thanks for a Continent to despoil and poison —

thanks for Indians to provide a modicum of challenge and danger —

thanks for vast herds of bison to kill and skin, leaving the carcass to rot —

thanks for bounties on wolves and coyotes —

thanks for the AMERICAN DREAM to vulgarize and falsify until the bare lies shine through —

thanks for the KKK, for nigger-killing lawmen feeling their notches, for decent church-going women with their mean, pinched, bitter, evil faces —

thanks for "Kill a Queer for Christ" stickers —

thanks for laboratory AIDS —

thanks for Prohibition and the War Against Drugs —

thanks for a country where nobody is allowed to mind his own business —

thanks for a nation of finks — yes, thanks for all the memories... all right, let's see your arms... you always were a headache and you always were a bore —

thanks for the last and greatest betrayal of the last and greatest of human dreams.

Monday, November 24, 2008

dry drunk

Definition: A colloquial term generally used to describe someone who has stopped drinking, but who still demonstrates the same alcoholic behaviors and attitudes.

Also Known As: Dry, Not Sober

Examples: His behavior hasn't changed at all, he acts like a dry drunk.

What is the dry drunk syndrome? "Dry drunk" traits consist of:

* Exaggerated self-importance and pomposity
* Grandiose behavior
* A rigid, judgmental outlook
* Impatience
* Childish behavior
* Irresponsible behavior
* Irrational rationalization
* Projection
* Overreaction

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

woman is the nigger of the world

Woman is the Nigger of the World

John Lennon

Woman is the nigger of the world
Yes she is...think about it
Woman is the nigger of the world
Think about it...do something about it

We make her paint her face and dance
If she won't be slave, we say that she don't love us
If she's real, we say she's trying to be a man
While putting her down we pretend that she is above us

Woman is the nigger of the world...yes she is
If you don't belive me take a look to the one you're with
Woman is the slaves of the slaves
Ah yeah...better screem about it

We make her bear and raise our children
And then we leave her flat for being a fat old mother then
We tell her home is the only place she would be
Then we complain that she's too unworldly to be our friend

Woman is the nigger of the world...yes she is
If you don't belive me take a look to the one you're with
Woman is the slaves of the slaves
Yeah (think about it)

We insult her everyday on TV
And wonder why she has no guts or confidence
When she's young we kill her will to be free
While telling her not to be so smart we put her down for being so dumb

Woman is the nigger of the world...yes she is
If you don't belive me take a look to the one you're with
Woman is the slaves of the slaves
Yes she is...if you belive me, you better screem about it.

We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance

evil spell

sometimes i feel like i am a beautiful princess who was put under an evil spell. and i am just waiting for the magic words or something to break me out of this fat, unkempt, bitter shell i am in and free me to be lovely and pretty and confident and beautiful...

oh well, there goes wednesday!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


About My Family
i am a 32 year old woman. mother, wife, and spiritual basketcase...sometimes it is a very pretty basket with a lovely ribbon on it :) my husband is 25 years old. i try very hard to be a hippie . matters of interest to me are (unassisted) homebirth (of which i have done two...guess which), frugality, environmentalism, feminism, mysticism, politics, and the internet

What are your children's ages and names?
sebastian roger (9)
river frederick jack (2 1/2)
bellaluna evalina (1)

Are you considering having more?

How would you describe your parenting philosophy?
i am going to try to see how much LOVE my children can contain. we are very LOVING. every single day when each person wakes up, all the others are waiting to love them and excited to see them. (my childhood was QUITE far from THAT) i am quite unorthodox for our "environment" (town, state, nation, planet haha) so i do my best to encourage that in my children, so at least the five of us will be similar :) i also am trying an experiment where i try to mother like a "grandma" so that my children will never say that i was a shitty mother but a wonderful grandmother. i am hoping that turns out well!
to improve upon my childhood is inevitably simple. but i suppose that that is what is my inner gauge, whether i want t to be or not. :)
since we are a blended family (my oldest son is from my first marriage, his father has since passed away) we have a family name, MOONSTONE, which makes us one family under one banner. one of the wisest and smartest things i ever did! :)

What's your favorite parenting book (if any)?
spiritual midwifery, mrs. sharp's traditions,

What are your family’s favorite books and toys?
i am very very picky (or try to be) and have a very small screen with which these kids (and their relatives) can slip through toys from china or name brands or media charecters.

i own hundreds of books for the children (and myself) it is my prized accomplishment in the material world that i have built up a library for them (and our family)...

right now, sebastian and i are working our way through the harry potter books and the babies just enjoy getting them off the shelves and tossing them around. river likes the pokey little puppy rather a lot at the moment

What are you family’s favorite TV shows or movies?
we don't have cable television, only movies on vcr or dvd. and very limited ones at that. i dont really allow what i call "commercialized" television/movies. if there is a charecter you have to BUY (ie dora or thomas the tank engine, etc) i dont go there (and the grandparents are getting wise to it finally :) )

river has been watching the oldskool willie wonka and the chocolate factory for nigh on 8 days now....

What are your family's favorite foods?
i am a pretty good cook. better than fair, i'd say. so i make good meals and nice things that are each person's favorite.

the thing i am PROUD as hell about in the food department, is that i have been making bellaluna's baby food from (as) scratch (as possible) and THAT feels WONDERFUL!!!

What are your family's favorite places to hang out?
in our living room.
outside in the yards

What one adjective would you choose to describe your household?

What do you see your kids doing when they grow up?
sebastian- teacher....river- cassanova haha bella- i am not sure yet

Describe your most humbling parenting moment.
when sebastian's dad died and i had to help him with Death and Grief and at the same time being his only parent now

Who are you looking to meet on The Playground?
anyone really...