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Monday, June 23, 2008

just a thought about grunge

just a thought about grunge
(originally posted june 20, 2008)

i always awaited the day when grunge would be like "lynard skynard". even when i was doing it. and now i was thinking that kurt cobain has been dead for 15 years! and that back in the day we were "trying" to look as "DIFFERENT" as we could (fueled by marijuana, cheap liquor and psychadelics) by wearing tshirts of strange things and old cartoon charecters and such (which have all been resurrected from the dead for our children's enjoyment and digitally ehanced...hello! waiting on the smurfs live action movie!!!!) ...now we are trying to make our MYSPACE pages look as "DIFFERENT" as we can.and the emo kids have filled in our place in the cavity of change. that (among billions of other reasons) is why we hate them. they are now fueled by marijuana, cheap liquor and psychadelics and LOOKING DIFFERENT and we are PARENTS...and those that aren't parents couldn't even DREAM of POSING like THAT...(could you??? anyone over 30 and emo reading this????? you should donate your brain to science....seriously)

anyhoo...to sum up...

eddie vedder is still hot.(and FORTY SOMETHING---damn near FIFTY)

there are HOT TOPIC stores and we bought our clothes at GOODWILL.


we are old but we used to look really really cool in sockcaps and flannel in the raging summer. we did. really.

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