Our Year Of Living (Beautifully) Without WalMart

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

steffani's OLD skool poem of the day!!!! *Penelope*

just found these again whilst digging through my BOOKS to put them on their SHELVES (imagine how wicked awesome this is after 15 years of wandering...just try to imagine!) and thought it could be FUNNY to post them on my blogs... just for OLD times' (desperate intellectual exhibitionalist's) sake...

bon appetite!


She always says bless you to sneezes

She whirls constantly out of control

Headlong into Hindsight


She cries tears of maddening anger and bliss

stagnant in mind and body and soul

But always chasing after the Sunshine


She's had years and years of practice

read millions of words and phrases

said more in her life than most others


She feels like she did as a six year old girl

Like she's living what she's gonna be when she grows up

Only now she can't stop writing it down


She only desires love and dreams of fame and silence

Understands Evil and Freedom and Intelligence

Potential beats in her head like a drum


There may be hope for her later

She's way too wrapped up in the Now

Herself, her old Lovers, and Others

See if you're not touched by It


*written january 23 1997

aged 20 years old

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