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Friday, January 2, 2009

baby born in midair

i dont know what you thought when you read it, but i thought someone finally went and did it on a flying trapeeze. ;)

but seriously...

a woman gave birth on a flight from amsterdam to boston. big whoop.

two (Male) doctors were in attendance. that's more than she would've gotten at the hospital.

there is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much wrong with the process of birth and health in this country (and in the world).

but chalk one up for the natural process between a woman and her baby! yay.

the forced butchery of women in the name of birth really is sypmtomatically parallel with the butchery of humanity in the world.

and here i sit not really fighting against it.

not because resistance is futile, but i guess because i am just lazy, or not compelled much further beyond the gallantry i displayed having my own two babies. (three, really, because for what it was worth i fought the Man, who was actually a woman, when she wanted to cut bastian out of me, too)

who to tell anyway? i discuss homebirth whenever possible. i discuss the savagery and brutality and insanity in the world whenever possible too.

i think thats the best i can do, until i figure out how to mass-release my message.

if there was any shudder in the conciousness of the country when the words "episiotomy" and "slicing your ball sack open" and "C-section" and "Cutting Your Penis open from end to end and pulling your testicles out through the hole" were compared ....maybe that could be a first step...but i never hear the latter ones mentioned. perhaps i should market t-shirts????

and it brings me to think of the false hierarchy of "strength", where men are supposedly at the top of the food chain. what a crock of shit.

its not that hospital birthers are weaker than homebirthers (and even that both are stronger than any man who ever walked the universe) just that they are aggregiously misinformed and in a lot of cases (my own case with sebastians birth) completely unaware of their ignorance.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

runny noses runny noses runny noses, baby (to the tune of "womanizer")

so...the erma bombeck award of the morning goes to moi...

woke up 4:00 am...brought the babies down at 4:23.

the vaporizer i used to fix myself has loosened up the mucus of the babies. yay.

these are actully times when i LIKE being a mother.
weird, huh?

on a normal tuesday when nothing is wrong, i sit and think dreadful thoughts of hubris and doom.


anyhoosies...i wish i could convey the beauty of being the healer of my children (with copious assistance from their lovely, ironclad immune systems)...
and i wish anyone cared to read it...

that said...it is 5 am and the world is my oyster :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

corporate homicide....(and sooo sooo sooo much more!)

***********click on it to read it******************

hot young purity ball action!

i DEFY you to find me any other video on earth creepier than this!
link or send videos in comments!