Our Year Of Living (Beautifully) Without WalMart

Sunday, November 16, 2008


About My Family
i am a 32 year old woman. mother, wife, and spiritual basketcase...sometimes it is a very pretty basket with a lovely ribbon on it :) my husband is 25 years old. i try very hard to be a hippie . matters of interest to me are (unassisted) homebirth (of which i have done two...guess which), frugality, environmentalism, feminism, mysticism, politics, and the internet

What are your children's ages and names?
sebastian roger (9)
river frederick jack (2 1/2)
bellaluna evalina (1)

Are you considering having more?

How would you describe your parenting philosophy?
i am going to try to see how much LOVE my children can contain. we are very LOVING. every single day when each person wakes up, all the others are waiting to love them and excited to see them. (my childhood was QUITE far from THAT) i am quite unorthodox for our "environment" (town, state, nation, planet haha) so i do my best to encourage that in my children, so at least the five of us will be similar :) i also am trying an experiment where i try to mother like a "grandma" so that my children will never say that i was a shitty mother but a wonderful grandmother. i am hoping that turns out well!
to improve upon my childhood is inevitably simple. but i suppose that that is what is my inner gauge, whether i want t to be or not. :)
since we are a blended family (my oldest son is from my first marriage, his father has since passed away) we have a family name, MOONSTONE, which makes us one family under one banner. one of the wisest and smartest things i ever did! :)

What's your favorite parenting book (if any)?
spiritual midwifery, mrs. sharp's traditions,

What are your family’s favorite books and toys?
i am very very picky (or try to be) and have a very small screen with which these kids (and their relatives) can slip through toys from china or name brands or media charecters.

i own hundreds of books for the children (and myself) it is my prized accomplishment in the material world that i have built up a library for them (and our family)...

right now, sebastian and i are working our way through the harry potter books and the babies just enjoy getting them off the shelves and tossing them around. river likes the pokey little puppy rather a lot at the moment

What are you family’s favorite TV shows or movies?
we don't have cable television, only movies on vcr or dvd. and very limited ones at that. i dont really allow what i call "commercialized" television/movies. if there is a charecter you have to BUY (ie dora or thomas the tank engine, etc) i dont go there (and the grandparents are getting wise to it finally :) )

river has been watching the oldskool willie wonka and the chocolate factory for nigh on 8 days now....

What are your family's favorite foods?
i am a pretty good cook. better than fair, i'd say. so i make good meals and nice things that are each person's favorite.

the thing i am PROUD as hell about in the food department, is that i have been making bellaluna's baby food from (as) scratch (as possible) and THAT feels WONDERFUL!!!

What are your family's favorite places to hang out?
in our living room.
outside in the yards

What one adjective would you choose to describe your household?

What do you see your kids doing when they grow up?
sebastian- teacher....river- cassanova haha bella- i am not sure yet

Describe your most humbling parenting moment.
when sebastian's dad died and i had to help him with Death and Grief and at the same time being his only parent now

Who are you looking to meet on The Playground?
anyone really...

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