Our Year Of Living (Beautifully) Without WalMart

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

dire! terrible! dreadful! horrible! sickening! putrid! emergency!

i have felt like this since the week after john kennedy jr died in 1999 when i heard speculation that gbII would be considering a steering committee to run for the presidency in 2000.

now i get to watch his sick, evil ass telling us ALL how dire! terrible! dreadful! horrible! scary! sickening! putrid! emergency! condition the treasury is in?!

what a crock of shit.

other people haven't, and as my mother tries to console me, never will, take/n it this difficultly. been in this much turmoil over POLITICS. but what i cannot seem to explain to my mother (or anyone else, i imagine) is that i can SEE the macrocosm in the microcosm.

and that it both pressures and alleviates my internal natural DEPRESSION to watch and read and learn and think and CARE so much...

i see the microcosmic "gubment" as a macrocosmic whole of those of us who have left the greater EVIL unchecked in our greed and one-up-manship-consumerism and our media fed minds and hearts...

and our IGNORANCE...god bless our ignorance (if you are into that god blessing type thing)...

fed to us for generations have been NOTHINGNESSES....and now we are nothings... (or so the EVIL would have us believe)

we are all, each of us, nuclear powerhouses inside our own minds and souls ...who have been reduced to thinfleshed, big fatted, nothingheads.

self included.

i have been handed down chemical depression on top of it all. i have suffered, maybe not MORE than you, but a dire! terrible! dreadful! horrible! sickening! putrid! emergency! LOT...

and now i watch the evil glimpsing comeupance on themselves (i hope!) and i wish and i sit and meditate that the little nuclear shack that sits on my shoulders can cook up enough ENERGY to push them toward THEIR doom and the GOOD of us to our promiseland...

and i KNOW i am not ALONE. but i also know that OTHERS have not quite put the two strings together to tie the knot of certainty. that there are some who still disbelieve themselves because the EVIL force has convinced them that they are worthless. that they need someone to tell them that they are worthy..

MY FRIENDS, you are priceless jewels in my eyes. EVERY SOUL ON EARTH who is working for good...who is living for TRUTH, carries a nuclear birthday candle inside. you know yours, right?!!! you KNOW your goodness and YOUR truth...right???

don't forget! do not let it be washed away by television and lust and codependence and selfabuse and chemical anomalies in your brains! :)

i am just writing the golden rule here. i am doing to you what i wish would be done to me. i am sitting here for x number of minutes and reminding us all to REMEMBER! to THINK! and to CARE! and to be POSITIVE! and to find your HAPPY FOR NO REASON place and go there :)

and wait for the rest of us all... and be in that place reaching out and REMINDING others...

for there is no such thing as EVIL

and there is no such thing as MONEY

and there is no such thing as CONTROL

and there is no such thing as POLITICS

and there is no such thing as ATTACHMENT

and there is no such thing as SECURITY

TERROR is a state of mind that EVIL is selling, at the moment, for some supposed 700 BILLION DOLLARS that does not exist, will never exist, and has never existed.

are you buying? seriously?

are you resisting the impulse buy?

you really don't need another 700 BILLION DOLLARS of debt-air-vapor do you?

but it looks so good sitting there on the shelf by the cash register (election?! ha!)??

please see it for what it is and call your senator...i dare you! it feels like prank calling when you were in school...

or see it for what it is and go out in nature and BREATHE and COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS...

or see it for what it is and lay down and cuddle with someone you love....(preferably your partner or children or pet or something but i am no one to judge haha!)

or see it for what it is and KNOW that EVIL will ALWAYS be Discovered, Judged and Rot...

believe that (i am not black but buhlee dat would be how it is pronounced if it were typed as i thought it ;) )....

and that the good little birthday candle in your heart and soul and mind (and solar plexus and third eye, my faves) is one of all the atomic birthday candles in all eternity....and that that is a wonderful thing!

don't forget!

happy depression!

whoops i mean... be all dire! terrible! dreadful! horrible! sickening! putrid! emergency! because television told you so...

and john mccain told you so...

and bush told you so...

and cnn told you so...

(anyone who tells you to feel all dire! terrible! dreadful! horrible! sickening! putrid! emergency! *TERROR in any form included* is EVIL and you are GOOD...i know, it takes some getting used to and orienteering, but if i can figure this out and 13 days out of the month live in a fog like a putrid quicksand then YOU can get THERE)

happy depression! (FINALLY something i can dig and understand about POLITICS hahahaha!)


steffani (the magnificent)

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