Our Year Of Living (Beautifully) Without WalMart

Monday, July 13, 2009


more musings...

*my body is changing, slowly but surely...marci's is very transformed. she is thin. this gives me HOPE, something i need, because i am eating like shit.

*i MISS The gym when i do not go there....a lot.

*i hate television. alot. with a burning passion. i am superior to television. my mind is VERY disciplined. people don't really like to hear me brag about that. people need to quit watching television.

*my home is very welcoming to come back to. it is an oasis. it is gorgeous, and believe it or not, it is back together the FIRST night i am home. everything is put away or sorted and away...the dishes are done....i ran all the errands, i cooked the dinner, caught up the laundry, and did all the groovy stuff...IN THE FIRST DAY

*just because you finally get the glass bottle thing down, that is not a reason to yank out your iud and have another baby...can you imagine i had that thought? another baby, holy shit.....sunset morrison moonstone ;)

*my cousin tatted me a MOONSTONE....its friggin incredible...will post a pic tomorrow or so when it is hung...gorgeous

*i heart books. alot

*http://indigoadults.wordpress.com/ check that shit out. seriously...check it out

*i am listening to a killer accoustic version of "romeo in black jeans" on kbco the studio c channel...one of my new favoriteist things...

*senator al franken ....no kidding.... awesome

*holy crap......

*i am not quite portraying my mind very well this evening. maybe tomorrow, huh?

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