Our Year Of Living (Beautifully) Without WalMart

Monday, July 13, 2009


wow...those are two gorgeous mommas....(she has the best one in her camera!)that is marci and i...two of the bestist grrls i know...
now on with the musings....(in no particular order---the musings may be actual thoughts i had whilst sitting, dreams i had whilst sleeping, and hey, folks! i DROVE for over TWENTY FOUR HOURS in the past week....what have you done??! haha)

*jonathan and i are like two twining garlands of ivy that have been wrapped around a telephone pole since the 1950's....( i saw some of those...) we havent been wrapped since the fifties, but the pole is our marriage, the kids, our LIFE and the base love...and we MAY be DIFFERENT from each other, but just TRY to unwind two twining garlands of ivy from around THAT pole...good luck with that

*there are very, very, very crumbling parts of this country...i was right about that...and i would bet that the crumblingest parts of it voted mccain...

*there is hilly, green, AMAZING country in kansas...i did not remember that.

*the greyhound bus is ALWAYS running....ALWAYS...ALL THE TIME...constantly forever

*my son sebastian has a beautiful family and we have all been aged by our loss...the two year anniversary of which was today....:(

*the town i began to raise sebastian in is full of wretched people, just yuck. i remember knowing i couldn't even TRY to be like THAT....once again, i was correct.

*my cousin owns the town of farmington iowa and i am so glad i got to see it with her. she has done AMAZING things with her life, all things considered....(kinda like me, only a million times more and better... go check out her blog if you don't believe me: www.nicholejarvis.blogspot.com)

*my children are GOOD travellers. even the babies. all three in a lumina for well over twentyfour hours this week, and mostly always smiling and loving on each other...yeah. you NEED your minivan, mmmmhmmm....

*everyone showered me with gifts...i need to remember to be more GIVING...LOTS more...

*we went from having zero copies of the deathly hollows to having two copies of the deathly hollows. hardback. for zero dollars. that is over forty dollars worth of two books....speaking of books!***the bookstore in eaton was closing, so i got TWO BAGS of books for ten bucks (a LOT of books, man) and found two books that i have been WANTING to give to my cousin for a DOLLAR EACH at hastings...yay!...and i read half of the book Truth (with jokes) by SENATOR franken...good (tedious history) stuff

*nebraska is GROSS...there is NOTHING good there...

*we listened to the song "mr bojangles" in its ENTIRETY....approximately 2 minutes till the end of the ENTIRE SONG, bastian said increduously "What is he even talking about??!!!" hahahahaha omg hilarious!

*i just survived countless of billions of possible deaths at 80 miles an hour (yes, i drove that fast the ENTIRE way, for the MOST part)....i am very grateful to have gotten here alive...


*stayed at a hotel and did NOT turn on the television, nor swim in the pool...i have changed.

*the sprawl along the I-25 corridor of colorado between loveland and fort collins is an INTENSE spectacle...the sprawl along harmony road in fortcollins, same thing...wowzer (can't someone tell these people we are in an economic CRISIS?!!!)

well, hell. i have a LOT to do tomorrow, don't i...i wanted to to this but it is pushing two...a.m.

i will have MUCH more to type later...and will kick myself till the tylenol pm kicks in for what i forgot...it's a lot

goodnight world

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