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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Play Doh Day!

Santa brought Fred some playdoh in his stocking. So on Sunday we decided to get some out and play (earlier that morning while Momma slept in, Dada and Fred made pumpkins, and the demand was great by midday...) It was fun. There is a big ball of whositwhatsit playdoh in the fridge, but it has always been a mommy fantasy of mine to MAKE playdoh....(if homemade playdoh recipes were dollars.....) So, now maybe I am motivated enough to do it soon...

Big Brother shows the Littles the what-for :)

He made these really neat swirly colors.....

Fred had a great time.....
(she stood on the sidelines and bossed us all...and I

love the sun in this....)
One of Bastian's swirly combinations.... coolness

typical! haha.

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