Our Year Of Living (Beautifully) Without WalMart

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

shhhhhhh don't tell bashie....

but, his owl is done! :)
i am pleased with it. they are getting MUCH easier to do. this one was a breeze. the backing and front are a dark green corduroy. the wings are from a pair of tweed pants i had (that i also made pants for fred from)and i did a new thing where i only did two "layers" of eyes. just a tiny corner to cut to make life easier...and still just as "owly" if not more.
i decided that once bastian's was done, i was going to start bagging the owls up to put in the solstice closet, to await the holiday (they are starting to overtake my backroom haha....) and when i gathered them all together i was stunned that i had indeed made all four so far....(and of what it will be like when i get all the others done with their many colors and wing patterns....exciting!

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