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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Costume Box Project

I am making the little's Big Present for Yule. It is a COSTUME BOX...I plan to chug away at it for the next few months. Their current toybox is an antique foot locker that was also Sebastian's toy box. But I have always dreamed of it to be a "DRESSUP BOX"....No time like the present (haha-pun) I guess.
As I imagine I will be blogging it later (if I put up the pictures, they will see them...maybe i will flickr them and link to it in the sidebar???) I thought I would give you all the head's up.

These are the costumes that will be included. As now I have only cut out felt feathers for the "native american headdress" and gathered several materials....
  • Princess Gown/ Princess "hat"
  • Witch Dress/Witch hat
  • Pirate outfit with shirt, pants, hook, hat, and eyepatch
  • Flower Wreath Crown/Wings/Magic Wands (my best friend marci is making Bella a tutu)
  • Little Red Riding Hood cape
  • Native American outfit for Fred with chief headdress, Native American dress for Bella
  • Kimono for Bella
  • Wizard Capes/hats/wands
  • Crown of Jewels
  • Jester Hat
  • Top Hat
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Knight Costume
  • Felt Swords/Shields
  • Rabbit Ears
  • Cat mask
  • Elephant mask
  • Dragon mask
  • Yoda Ears

Any other ideas anyone? Would be GLAD to hear them on the comments.....

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