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Monday, August 24, 2009

dancing with the manic bits.....

it's 1:40am....i didn't think i would do THIS again, after my 12 hours+ sleep this weekend...(altogether)....

ah well...in the past hour i have

  • looked up blah and blah on etsy

  • thought to look for halloween costumes for the littles (and to ask bastian what he wants soon)

  • looked up costumes for the littles in about a million places

  • decided on peter pan for fred

  • put a $17.95 +$6.00 shipping peter pan costume on my ebay watch list

  • went to the kitchen and cut out, from my green fabric from the grandma mae stash, the peter pan costume pants for fred, and from my felt stash, the hat....just gotta do the top before the end of october...i think i can manage it..

  • cut out bella's wool soaker pants from that sweater i bought, but it is too small, so i am gonna make a wool jumper instead, with legwarmers....

  • cut out bella's green/flower pants from the 25c pants from the garage sale day

all of this is on deck for sewing first thing tomorrow. i find that works.....

for what did i just do this week, if not sew my way out of a dark abyss....

i am going to have to learn to embrace the bipo if i am ever going to get happy...

or do i get happy and embrace the bipo????


goodnight! :)

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