Our Year Of Living (Beautifully) Without WalMart

Monday, November 3, 2014

and then papa tomato...he says to baby tomato... "ketchup."

hi.... everyone?


well, at least you are reading this. (who are you? let me know!)

as you can see i haven't been "blogging" here....

i have been studying everything that ever happened....

i've been tumblring... (http://persephonesunset.tumblr.com/

and pinteresting.... ( http://www.pinterest.com/mamamoonstone/   http://www.pinterest.com/moonstonekids/ )

and twittering..... ( https://twitter.com/sephisunset)

but not much blogging.

everywhere it is kinda the same, though, bloggers apologizing for having abandoned their blogs years ago.

i want this space to live again. (But...) and i am quite distracted from it.

i am 38 years old now. 40 is stalking me.

the children are 15, 8, and 7.....

i am at antioch now.... i hadn't much planned after that, so i am kinda idling.... maybe a good time to get back here, we shall see....

i miss you....whoever you are.... thanks for reading .....

1 comment:

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