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Monday, February 21, 2011

I AM (Going to be) AN URBAN HOMESTEADER (Maker)

These tulips are the only thing I have ever grown that have survived. That was two years ago. But I have a GREAT desire to raise my family's food. At least some. At least carrots and tomatoes....I have GREAT dreams to grow food and herbs and flowers for myself and my family. Putting Down Roots is a very common phrase said around my home. It is something I long for greatly. We are moving in June to a VERY tolerant and Earthy town, so there is MUCH hope for us yet. But In recent months, I have read the book Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes and started a (tiny) Radical Homemaker Group of my friends.... I look VERY foreward to starting one in our new town (Yellow Springs Ohio)..........
I have even more recently begun following a Facebook Page called Take Back Urban Homesteading, that came to be after The Family Who Shall Not Be Named, tried to get away with trademarking the names Urban Homestead and Urban Homesteading, among other things. This was VERY disappointing to me because I had Just found a Name for what it is that I Dream. And there is NO WAY anyone is going to take it away from me for profit. I am glad I found this community all in one place, as I am very busy with school and this makes it very nice and easy to be in touch with THOUSANDS of Urban Homesteaders and for that I am DEEPLY Grateful and submit this blog in solidarity!

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