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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One Small Change For Moonstones...One giant Leap for moonstonekind....

So, here we are! Out of the gate and rip roarin' into 2010 (i lie.....yesterday i was rather unable to move, i HOPE today is better...!)

My New Year's present from the Universe was that after months of searching for "Momma blogs" and "Hippie Momma blogs" and "Green Mama blogs" or "Earthy mama" blogs, i finally finally finally found the Motherlode. Quite Literally. I have GreenHippieEarthy Mamablogs to read till I am blue in the face. And this thrills me to no end!

As I was reading them and bookmarking them and feeling less and less alone in the world with each click, I kept finding that there was a common denominator. Lots of them were participating in a challenge set forth in a blog called "Hip Mountain Mama" (http://hipmountainmamablog.com/) The "challenge" (It really looks like a HOOT to me!) is being called One Small Change (http://hipmountainmamablog.com/one-small-change/)

The premise is that you (and your families) find one small change you can make for a month, each month until Earth Day in April. Each month you blog how the past month went and what you are doing next.

I have been contemplating this for four days now. It is really interesting how dichotomous I (we moonstones) are with our "Greenliness" :) We do far more than most people where we live-though I am always pleasantly surprised to see how many people in town do recycle, among other things. But at the moment we are doing much less than I would like.

So I am RIPE for small change! And without further ado--you know how I just LOVE ado....

The small change that we Moonstones will be making in January is to use our reusable shopping bags again. I have sort of fallen off the wagon for some reason. It is time that we get back on. The change i WANT to make is to use Oil Lamps at night. So I will update, maybe midmonth, if i can find one I would like to buy and get one/some. But for sure...NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS! EVER! :) (Especially since I now am sewing the great Paper, Plastic, or GORGEOUS bags...it only makes sense (feels like a whore in church....not that there is anything wrong with either of those things separately ;) )



I know it is small, but I have big ideas for the other three months and I just wanna join in and be a part of this and do wonderful things with these beautiful mama's I have been reading about.

What will your small change be??? Leave it in the comments, and be sure to visit the site to learn more!

***Some Ideas off the HipMountainMama site are........*****(ones we moonstones already do are in GREEN :) )

Recycle, use cloth napkins, try cloth diapering, replace your bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs, turn off your lights, use natural cleaning products or make your own, drive your car less, buy a hybrid, turn your thermostat down, use the sun to warm your home through passive solar heat, bring your own bags to the store, install a low flow shower head, stop buying bottled water, unplug it, bring more plants into your home, always print double sided, when getting rid of things consider freecycle, craigslist or ebay (do not throw out as someone else is surely able to get some use out of it), support local farms and try to eat local, purchase wind power if it is available in your area, purchase products made with natural materials and that can be reused, purchase recycled paper products, use rags instead of paper towels to clean up messes, use reusable lunch sacks, buy organic, landscape responsibly by reducing the use of water needed, donate time and/or money to green efforts, elimate the use of toilet paper by using family cloths, don’t flush every time, put a brick or something heavy it he back of your toilet so it uses less water when flushed.

sooooooo excited! aren't you!??!


S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen said...

Too cool! I'm starting small for January as well - with reuseable shopping bags!!! LOL!

January's post:

Hip Mountain Mama said...

Yay!! I am so excited that you found the motherload of awesome green/hippie/earthy...blogs! This blogging community is such an amazing part of my life and I am so glad it will be your's also!
Thanks for joining us...I look forward to hearing how it goes!!