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Monday, January 4, 2010

the faded glory of the goddess shall return....

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Text To Faded Glory Of The Goddess
I wish to begin with a poem I wrote in February 2004 after a close friend of mine came to me for help after she was sedated and violently raped after a late night ending of her shift at the bar where she worked. It was the bar manager, though this was never been proven in court. The man who did this walks free. I hope his spiritual awakening allows him to reconcile himself with what he has done. We have all done bad things, and we must forgive now, moving forward.

I want to read this poem out to show how easy it is to fall into feelings of rage, of retribution, of revenge. We are, after all, human, and when we see terrible things happen to those we love, we yearn for justice.

Dark February (Written 10th February, 2004)

Little sister now, but this I thought before,

You wouldn’t tell me why

Tears welled the lower lids,

But on a sofa

You broke down

And told me.

The rage is a pillaged village

The rage is hate

And the battalions storm Hell

To tear, kill, rip and annihilate.

I love you

Little sister.

Pale skin now peppered

You don’t remember how

This thing

This monster,

Came to cover you with darkest bruises.

I’ll hang him upside down,

Slit his throat,

Laughing, revenging, restoring

Just a little order, little sister.

Then you told me what you wanted to deny

What anyone would want to deny,

I sat trembling,

Dumbly held your hand,

And watched you cry.

The doctor said it’s true

This thing you thought he’d done to you

Was done.

The ticking slowed in time to my pupils

Widening with my sorrow,

I wish it wasn’t true today

But it’ll only fade tomorrow.

Men have gone to war over smaller matters

Tearing through battlefields with one small thought.

With you, my world has been moved a little out of touch,

And I remembered the father

That shot the man dead

Who’d plucked petals

Out from his daughter’s head.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I do not speak to all the people who are already awoken from the mass hypnosis of our programmed culture, I speak to the great number of people who still slumber on and feel that something is not quite right. Perhaps you are angry, perhaps you feel you have been dealt a bad hand in the game of life. I am here to tell you that you have been dealt an amazing hand. Why? Because you are alive and listening to this message which comes to you from the one great consciousness called reality.

We are faced around the world with a situation so subtle, so all-pervasive, and so monstrous that to even talk about it is difficult, because it is hard to pin down. I will try to be concise then, so that we do not waste time.

Like yourself, I was born into bondage on Planet Earth, I was numbered and registered upon my birth and put into the schooling system so that my mind and soul could be programmed to serve the society into which I was raised. Like yourself, I was not born into an indigenous tribe of free men and women, nor was was I trained spiritually to understand the issues at stake. I never had a rite of passage, nor an initiation ceremony, except being told that I was powerless and that I could serve the system by studying the writings of others who came before in order to get a good job and attain the material comforts that our society gives to those who serve the system well. Like you, I was angry, sometimes depressed, and horrified at the things fed to me by the newspapers and the television. Like many of you, I felt that human nature was sometimes violent and that without order we would collapse into a series of murderers and rapists because that, as we are told, is also inherent in our nature.

My dear brothers and sisters, human nature has been hijacked. We have allowed this to happen. Human beings do not wish harm to one another; we want to live in peace and look each other in the eye and whisper that we recognize the sanctity and dignity of the individual, and of the greater oneness. We are scared shells of what we could be, of what we once were. We have allowed the overall culture operating system to harness our energy, and we have built great things. We have built cities and works of art, we have a million forms of music to vibrate the soul, but we have also built the chains of our enslavement around the world and bought the great lie that humans are nasty, brutish, and savage creatures.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We are sacred and divine spirits in a 3 Dimensional body, and we are under the influence of good and bad forces. Every single time we say we are only doing our jobs when faced with a dilemma that takes us away from doing what is right, we allow the system-daemons to control us.

My name is Charlie Veitch and I am a revolutionary. This is an awkward label, because the word “revolution” carries the baggage of history with it, but I feel it is apt because I wish for a revolution, or better, an evolution of humanity so that we can remember our power and not succumb to the controllers who run this world for their gain, and not for ours.

A lot of you will know who I am because I have spent the whole summer and autumn of 2009 trying to inspire you and remind you of how amazing you are. I am doing what I know to be right, and as such, there are forces protecting me as I play out my destiny. This is why I am not dead, and why I am not in jail. I have called for armed revolution numerous times in my journey of spiritual awakening, and I humbly thank my close friends and the people who love me for guiding me in the right direction. I no longer call for armed revolution, because, rather embarrassingly, I now see that I was wrong to do this.

I know we can change the world peacefully, through unconditional love and forgiveness. This love has been shown to me, and I do my very best to shine it out of my soul with every waking moment of my temporary and exciting human life here on this world. I have conversed with people who are much more in tune with the spiritual world than I am, and they have seen my guardian spirits who watch over me, and these spirits will never leave me alone as long as I stick to helping others and do not succumb to the temptations of self-gratification, of the ego.

I now know why I was put here on this world, and it is simply to help you, and me, come to terms with the trick which has been pulled over our eyes. A few months ago, when the popularity of my work exploded worldwide, I sat down outside in rural France, looking up at the heavens, and I could see the milky way, I could see the beautiful nebulas of the universe watching over us, and I asked a question to the sky. I was answered immediately. There is not really a way I can explain to you what I felt, because it is personal to me. But I hope that through the work I do I can help you find out your purpose here as well.

I am only one man, but together with everyone else on planet Earth I am the most powerful force imaginable. Good people have always vastly outnumbered those who have allowed evil into their lives, for whatever reason. The current system rewards the greed and fear of the fevered egos and places them at the top of the hierarchy pyramids of control.

The time is now for there to no longer be a pyramid of control. We will work towards our freedom, without hurting anyone, but defending ourselves when we need to do so. The age old control structures are dissolving, and we can now gently nudge some humanity into the positions of illusory power. I say illusory power, because no-one has any authority over you. They never have, but in the corporate control grid we so easily assume the position of worker, and look out for ourselves.

If you see what I see, and understand that our time is now, I ask you to listen carefully to what I am about to say.
In one year and 9 months, on September the 11th 2011, the world will mark the ten year anniversary of the horrific terror our political leaders imposed on us. They sold us the massive fear of “terrorism”, so that our societies would keep our heads down and not question the control structure in place. We are social creatures, and social creatures do not question the control structure when it is under attack. We do this in times of peace. A never ending conveyor belt of fear is fed into our minds, be it communism, terrorism, the economy, or swine flu. We acquiesce our power so that we can be protected. Ergo, we place the collar over our own necks. This time has ended.

On August the 11th 2011, we will begin a one month campaign of non-compliance. Tens of millions of people around the world will simply not turn up for work. Soldiers will not report to barracks, finance men will not sit at desks in glass and metal cages…We will force the hand of the controllers, and expose their nudity, much in the manner of the story of the Emperor with no clothes. We will see them for what they are, frightened and controlled individuals, so far from what a human being could be, if given the chance.

At the end of this one month period, we will peacefully seize the capital of London, and I hope, of many countries around the world. We will take to the streets by the hundreds of thousands, we will have love in our hearts, we will be spiritually awake, and no longer scared. We will walk into Parliament, into Whitehall, and into Buckingham Palace, and the soldiers sent to drive us back will not open fire. They will see what we are doing, and they will be on the side of the people. The lies fed into their minds are dissolving, much like our fears are dissolving. We will occupy these buildings physically, spiritually, and symbolically. We will use the apparatus in place for improving the lot of people, and we will implement a new human constitution which aids the enlightenment and free will of all men and women, not only big business and career politicians. We will gently replace the class-structure with one which sees the individual as sacred. I will need the help of all of you, because I do not know how to write a constitution, nor do I know how to run a country.

I do not want to run a country. I do not want to have any power of anyone, for that is not my role. I do not want people to follow me either, because my whole message is about individuals being independent and connecting to the source of the universe through their own souls.

I believe that the feminine will play a major part in the evolution of mankind. The female, woman, and her spiritual power has long been suppressed. She has been raped and covered up, she has been sold as property, she has been tricked into bondage in the same way men have been with the false promise of equality in the workplace, so that her soul can be devoured by the corporate world as well. Children are brought up by television because their mother, the goddess figure, is too busy with her career.

If I have conversed with God, I know that she is mother nature, she is all kind, and she is all loving. I have felt this power through my own mother, and from the women I have met on my journey thus far. It is time for the female to return to prominence and to guide us back to the divine people we once were. It is no small matter that in indigenous cultures the female is respected as the spiritual connection to the Earth.

To all the Police and State Security people watching, we strongly advise you to consider who it is you are really working for. Are you working for a small band of thieves and murderers who run the political system, or do you work for mankind? Do you work for your children, and your children’s children? What kind of world are you helping create?

I know my plans for revolution will bring upon me great tests in the near future, but I am optimistic about the power of the human soul. I have felt with my heart the numerous times when the Police have understood what I am about and have treated me with the courtesy that we all deserve. When I look into their eyes I see the same thing I see when I look into my own eyes in the mirror. This is the connection.

I do not fear death, because I have lived and died before, and these matters are temporary, whereas my spirit is endless, and infinite, just like yours. I have felt love in countless ways, I have been given the honour of loving from the bottom of my heart. I have reconnected my lost soul to the source which we all have inside us. I have marvelled and wondered at the greatest joys and beauty of this world, and I have been given the chance to help out best I can. There is nothing more I want nor need, except the opportunity to keep on loving, which is its own reward.

Thank you for listening to me.
With affection,

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brother martin said...

Hey, Steffani, dude's analysis is pretty good, but i think he's a bit romantic/optimistic in his call for a quick solution...i wish there were such an easy way out, but i kinda don't think there is....