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Thursday, August 20, 2009


this is our porch, these past weeks....
there had been a plan, with the ethanol plant about 15 minutes from our house, to drill into the earth and deposite the carbon dioxide waste from the plant. mortifying, huh???

they also had the brilliant idea to be doing this less than an hour from the great anna fault line, ( http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/geosurvey/gen/seismic/fal87/tabid/7889/Default.aspx )which could separate us from the east coast and throw new england into the ocean should they've triggered an earthquake (which looked very likely) with their testing.

then you have the lovely visual image in your mind of The Day The Invisible Carbon Dioxide Leaked Up And Asphyxiated The Entire County. Especially your children.

well....the protesters have triumphed. this from our local news affiliate in dayton:

Protesters Win CO2 Battle In Darke Co.
Posted: 6:35 am EDT August 20, 2009
Updated: 6:44 am EDT August 20, 2009

GREENVILLE, Ohio -- People in Darke County are excited after officials at Greenville’s ethanol plant withdrew their application to inject tons of carbon dioxide waste into the ground.

The announcement was made on Wednesday night after weeks of protest from residents who said the CO2 would harm their community.

The group is going to Edwardsport, Ind., to help residents there protest the same thing.

yay us!

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