Our Year Of Living (Beautifully) Without WalMart

Monday, December 29, 2008

runny noses runny noses runny noses, baby (to the tune of "womanizer")

so...the erma bombeck award of the morning goes to moi...

woke up 4:00 am...brought the babies down at 4:23.

the vaporizer i used to fix myself has loosened up the mucus of the babies. yay.

these are actully times when i LIKE being a mother.
weird, huh?

on a normal tuesday when nothing is wrong, i sit and think dreadful thoughts of hubris and doom.


anyhoosies...i wish i could convey the beauty of being the healer of my children (with copious assistance from their lovely, ironclad immune systems)...
and i wish anyone cared to read it...

that said...it is 5 am and the world is my oyster :)

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