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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

sit your john mccain ass down

i know how to get osama bin laden. i will get him. i know how to get him.

if he doesn't quit saying that stupid shit, i am going to wipe it out of his mouth.

i keep skirting the line of wishing deadly harm on this guy. it is watching the end of the patriarchy and i HAVE to remember that at all times.

a dying patriarchy says and does and looks like mccain/palin.

and THAT is good to see.

did we find out how much the fine was?!

imagine the next four years! just imagine! the hell that some (more in my town than not) people with mccain palin signs on their lawns WANT! what masochism is this?!

it is the kind that needs straightass square racist sexist sickass authoritarian daddy and slutty stupid bitch whore mommy!

(sentence deleted by author....)

and in my past experience, i can see that those two parents don't work. they get divorced and mommy moves somebody else in the next week.

(self included)

and you know what else?!

you know when you go to your class reunion or run into the mcmansion bitches from your class who didn't grow up impoverished, who in fact grew up coddled by their PERFECT parents?! and they try to RELATE to you? as though their HARD years (coddled still) in college and in the real ($10,000 wedding gifts to start with) world have compared solidly to your drug rehab/homeless/scrappy impoverished adulthood?!

thats mccain's 4star general's son prepschool PRIVILEDGED millionheiress' husband ass talking to obama.


crock of shit.

but to change the tone completely....

i have read in more than one source that it is quite possible that the negative energy projected onto george bush is what has kept him in power. that he is essentially RUNNING on, or POWERED by OUR negative energy.

if such is the case, in four years john mccain could be as bright as the sun....

he won't live that long. we all know it.

goddamn it. i am participating in it!

if its true...if this system is running on the fear of god's children (think monsters inc)...i must do better to try and send positive energy out into the world...

(two party politics cause gollumly schizophrenia)

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