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Thursday, October 9, 2008

abortion and awe


this is what "prolife" republicans do now.

this is what they seemingly LIKE to do.

this is not necessity.

this is slaughter.

there are worse pictures.

but i want to make this into a postcard and send it to every house in this country.

if i had a million dollars i would.

i would.

you have no idea how crazy i would be with my money.

every stupid ignorant person in this country who bases their vote on ABORTION OR NOT should have to stare at this (and the worse i found that i coulda put up)

because you are voting to SLAUGHTER innocent babies all over the world to fill up your gas tanks.

i am sick.

i am sick at heart.



i am sure the middle class is hurting. waah.

i am impoverished.

i have been under the poverty level every single day of my entire life.

i will be giving lessons after the shit goes (further) down...on how to cook a $3.00 (now a $6.00!) chicken and pull its meat off its bones and stretch it for three meals for four people...

i already do that.

i haven't had meat that wasnt hamburger or aforementioned chicken in YEARS...

(i lie...i have had some pig meat too...i lie...oh and a tad bit of seafood...but we are talking over decades, now)

i was glad to be possessed today to go see obama...

it was nice to see the uhmmm africanamericans (i dislike that word) have their day. really. it was...it was inspirational and nice. and all the others who have found someone they feel will project their voices and hopes and dreams.

maybe someday some child not born yet will go to a rally where someone that i agree with and who i can identify with is energizing the people...someone will see my newage pagangreen female face beaming with pride and happiness and HOPE...and will say that they were glad that they got to see the hippies have their day...

in a world where children grow up knowing nothing but solar and alternative power...


i have a dream...

this shit i wrote up there is a nightmare...

politics is not good for those with bipolar disorder. it is really set up to be devastating for those with intellect OR bipolar disorder, and i (and a few of my associates) am finding out that it can be downright sickening for those of us with both. :)

thank you for reading this...i got to thinking about prolife voters and got all upset. i feel a bit better now.

like balm, this exhibitionalist wonderland...like balm!

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