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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the hummingbird and the moon

i have been paying attention to NATURE for some years (wink wink ha ha)... very, very close attention to NATURE... you could even say that i have been paying a REVERENTIAL or WORSHIPFUL attention to nature, and get away with it...

there are times when this ATTENTION, this attunement, is handsomely rewarded. as this morning when a couple nice things happened to me...nothing HAPPENED, i just SAW...

what do you SEE????

firstly, i got up at 7:00 this morning and the full mabon moon was directly outside of my window. i pleasant thing, as i missed looking at her last night. stood in the light a little bit but didn't have time to SEE. so THAT was a nice thing to SEE in the sunrise, the moon.

secondly, i went to take my recycling in after i dropped sebastian off at school (no more than 45 minutes after i saw the moon at 7am, and i looked up and saw the moon directly in front of me again. so i took a minute to LOOK...and suddenly in front of my face, maybe 6 inches, floated a hummingbird! i had never seen one in person before, let alone felt the ENERGY of one of them...like an insect, almost...sooooo much energy in such a tiny seeming thing. ( i had, at first, thought it was a dragonfly)...

so i have come home and looked up the significance of the hummingbird and found some interesting things so i thought i would share with you this morning, in the case that this information is relevent to you as well...


*note... the hummingbird is not my totem animal. you can guess my totem animal, i imagine...i am not gonna tell ya..but you can guess (that would be interesting)

Sometimes an animal or a bird will mysteriously come into our life and begin to haunt our consciousness. The image of that animal becomes associated with our sense of who we are and where our values come from.

Certain species in the Americas have done this in particulary powerful ways: These include the wolf, the raven, coyote, the jaguar, the quetzal, and the eagle.

The hummingbird also is a common totem animal. Many people develop a mysterious bond with this tiny creature.

In many traditional cultures of the western world the hummingbird has powerful religious and spiritual significance. In the high Andes of South America, for example, the hummingbird is taken to be a symbol of resurrection. This is because each hummer becomes lifeless and seems to die on cold nights, but it comes back to life again when the miraculous sunrise brings warmth.

In MEDICINE CARDS: THE DISCOVERY OF POWER THROUGH THE WAYS OF ANIMALS, Jamie Sams and David Carson say that, for many people, the hummingbird is the creature that opens the heart.

When we assume hummingbird consciousness, our life becomes a wonderland of sensuous delights. We live for beauty, delighting in flowers, aromas, fine mist, and delicate tastes.

When it becomes our totem, the hummingbird teaches us to laugh and enjoy the creation, to appreciate the magic of being alive, and the truth of beauty.

Hummingbirds awaken us to the beauty of the present moment. As they dance the four quarters of embodied exisence, they bring us medicine to solve the riddle of duality. They also awaken us to the medicinal properties of plants.

In ANIMAL SPEAK, Ted Andrews says hummingbirds teach us how to draw the life essence from flowers. "They can teach us how to use flowers to heal and win hearts in love."

Hummingbirds teach us fierce independence. They teach us to fight in a way where no one really gets hurt. They teach us simple courage. Andrews says the twittering, vibrating sounds of the hummingbirds bring us an internal masage that restores health and balance.

Hummingbirds also inspire us to protect the environment and to preserve old traditions that are in danger of being lost. When Native American ways were being destroyed by the expanding Euro-American culture, the Ghost-Shirt religion was established to try to bring back the animals and old ways through dancing. The leader of the dance was a hummingbird.

Certainly hummingbird magic is available to all who live in the New World. There is something inside the soul of all of us that wants to soar through sunbeams, then dance midair in a delicate mist, then take a simple bath on a leaf.

There is something in our souls that wants to hover at beautiful moments in our lives, making them freeze in time. There is something in us that wants to fly backwards and savor once more the beautiful past.

Some of us are just hummingbird people.

There are different ways that a totem animal can be discovered: In Native American tradition they may make their appearance while one is on a vision quest. They also come in dreams, mediations, and shamanic spirit-journeys.

Anglo-Americans and Europeans should remember that their prehistoric ancestors had animal guides and found them in much the same way Native Americans do.

Here is a personal account:

My guide sent me on a spiritual journey to the center of the earth. I was to enter a hole or a crack in the earth, then descend through a long tunnel. It was important, she said, that the entryway be some physically real place. I thought of a pool in the canyon.

When the hypnotic drumming began, I closed my eyes and saw myself stepping over ferns and rocks, entering the water, then sinking into the underworld. As I fell deeper and deeper into the earth I saw that the walls of the twisting tunnel were ribbed and speckled with millions of tiny dots that were purple, mauve, and pink.

The tunnel twisted to the right and the left. I accelerated like a rock dropped into a well. The journey was so long I feared the drumming would stop before I ever reached the earth's center. But I made it. I stood in the chthonic underworld, gazing at a giant hummingbird as it hovered just above the damp stone floor, making a terrible buzzing sound with its beating wings.

I felt that I and the hummingbird could communicate telepathically, so in my mind I asked him why I existed. The giant hummingbird leaned slightly forward and pointed its long beak towards my heart. On my face I felt wind from its whirring wings. I tipped my head and gazed into my now transparent heart to witness a vast landscape with hillsides mantled with bright colored flowers.

I knew at that moment the reason I was here was to be a witness, to complete the creation by saying yes to it. My mission was to bless the flowers and to reveal to others the sacred beauty of the earth.

As the rhythm of the drumming changed, I knew I was being drawn back to the upper world. As I rose through the ribbed tunnel, I sensed the giant hummingbird was still deep inside my heart. He remains there to this day as the mysterious other that lives within me. For me, this spiritual hummingbird is an a vibrant heart at the center of everything; it resonates with secret knowledge and power.

--Larry Gates

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