Our Year Of Living (Beautifully) Without WalMart

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

thoughts of an outlaw (8-19-08)

geezux if yesterdays title didnt do it, then i cannot prevail...

(i didnt have a better word and didnt feel like thesaurusing)

a few of todays thoughts

****in the movie of the wizard of oz, not that big of a deal is made of "the man behind the curtain"...certainly not more, or even close, as there is made about the BIG SCARY FIREY head... people like the sizzle...not the ordinary looking guy from nebraska behind the curtain who is controlling the big flaming scaaaaaary head. some people are choosing to play the big scary head game, because they have some need to want to be scared, to want to compete, to want to covet and deny their own divinity, and to starfuck and namedrop and play vs, and cheer for "football politics" and who knowswhatall (of the seven deadly sins and otherwise)...

not me! i want to find out just as much as possible about the guy behind the curtain. i am not afraid of the big scary head, i went and got THAT broomstick years and years and years ago. right now i just wanna feel like there's no place like home (and i guess i can enjoy making THAT for my children and my husband and my SELF now instead of playing "big flaming head games" with people who wanna be afraid. (or who aren't as intrigued by the man behind the curtain as i am.)

***thought for the evening: i have a friggin amazing pink cotton tshirt that cost $1.50. it is the most beautiful tshirt that ever existed. it makes me happy. it is my new favorite shirt...(just like i am my new favorite Steffani)

***i have a virus on my computer...right now it is in the "POP UP VIRUS" stage and it crashed earlier but is back now...if i disappear, i am (probably) still alive, so don't fret.

***if you are reading this, i really really love you...

goodnight for the moment...(i could go on, i dont even remember the name of this blog.)


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